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where to buy vienna beef hot dogs?

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Does anyone out there know where one can score some Vienna beef dogs in NYC? How about poppy seed hot dog buns? My neighbor from Chicago is having a cook-out in a couple of weekends and has been talking up these things. I see that there are large packs of dogs/buns available on the Vienna website, but it would be nice if some homesick Chicagoan knew of a local store that carried them. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Shake Shack and a stand out in Linden make their Chicago-style hotdogs with Vienna Beef, but for the home chef, you're going to have to import your own sausages. No store in the tri-state area seems to carry the brand. Same with poppy seed buns. Which is why I currently have 2 lbs. of Vienna Beef in my freezer and a bottle of poppy seeds to sprinkle on my buns.