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Aug 5, 2008 07:41 PM

Decorah IA

Hi Hounds!

My husband and I will be going up to Decorah from Iowa City on Friday and were wondering which of the three restaurants you would recommend for our 10th anniversary dinner (romantic atmosphere important, obviously):

La Rana
Daton House of Seafood

We'll be walking from our hotel downtown, so something local would be great if you have other ideas.

We'll be there I think for two lunches too (maybe one would be a picnic?). Any good sandwich/take-out places in town?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. 'fraid i can't vouch for Rubaiyat, having not been there yet (though I will at the end of the month!)

    I can tell you that I've not been disappointed with la Rana upon many visits. Most notable was a dinner they prepared for the Slow Food USA Ark Committee a couple years back - delicious, carefully crafted and almost all local (and this is the time of year for that). try to get one of the tables in the window for an intimate atmosphere.

    And don;t forget to visit Seed Savers while you're in Decorah - they're gardens are at their height right now.


    1. Gunder is a pretty 15 minute drive and the Irish Shanti has good sandwiches including the biggest cheeseburger you'll ever encounter. Splitting one might be romantic.

      Ruby's has great breakfasts.

      1. I ate at Rubaiyat in June and it was quite good. I would definitely recommend it. If the Hotel Winnishiek is the downtown hotel you're referring to, you'll only be a block away from Rubaiyat. Have fun - Decorah is a fun little town!

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          We did end up eating at Rubaiyat and had a really nice meal. I had the seafood pasta and my husband had the lamb, both were outstanding. We had a lovely lunch at Hart's Tea Room (I think that's what it's called), and were made to feel welcome even though we had just canoed for an hour and were filthy! Not exactly dressed for tea! Thanks for the ideas, we'll be back in Decorah soon for sure.

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            I was listening to The Splendid Table with Lynne Rossetto Kasper and she visitedvthe Seedsavers in Decorah. and I was thinking, hmmm I wonder where she ate.