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Aug 5, 2008 07:20 PM

Okie compliment from Vernazza

To all Oklahoma Chowhounds - I recently returned from a trip to Paris & Italy that happily included three days in Vernazza, Cinque Terre. We were fortunate to have two truly memorable meals at Il Pirate, which some other people we met called Pirates Cove, and something I'd read before referred to as Two any case it is near the end of the street that goes through the train station up the hill away from the main town - youngish twin brothers from Sicily.

We had a late supper there and breakfast the next morning, after which the chatty one of the twins lingered awhile to visit with us. He said that they were curious as to why they'd had several customers from Oklahoma in the past six months, and while Oklahoma "might not be so nice a place, the people would make it nice". He nodded to himself and said "We like people from Oklahoma - you order well, and you don't put parmesan on your sardines".

I just wanted to pass that along.

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  1. Oklahoma "might not be so nice a place"

    Well, I might argue with that part, but interesting nonetheless!

    Jocelyn in Tulsa

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      One part of it is that he had recently had troubles with the apartment resident upstairs from the restaurant hosing off his balcony during mealtimes - with dirty water washing down onto the customers seated outside.

    2. Parmesan on sardines, such heresay!

      1. Email your friend in Vernazza this link, and he will understand that food in Okla has a lot in common with food in rural Italy.