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Aug 5, 2008 07:16 PM

What happened to Su Shin on University Drive??

We have had great sushi at Su Shin on University in same plaza as Rosey Baby for a long time. Haven't been there in quite a while though. Stopped in for a late dinner the other night and had THE WORST meal ever...sushi was not fresh and cut poorly. Hot items we ordered were really terrible. We complained to the owner or manager and he took 20% off our check...thanks for that but we will never return!!! Anyone have the inside info on what is going on there?

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  1. Have not been there for four years
    But have to say it was very enjoyable the five times I have gone
    Great atmosphere and vibes

    Time are tough for Florida restaurants
    I like Makino Japanese buffet across the street

    1. I went there last month and had a similar experience. The Sushi used to be fantastic. Something happened and it has gone downhill quickly. Plus it is always very hot in there.

      1. I drove past there yesterday and there was a new sign below the restaurant name. It said that it was open for lunch and that it was sushi and thai....
        I didnt know they did thai....Im guessing maybe new owners..
        I hope they dont go downhill because that place was awesome in the past....

        1. The original comment has been removed