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Best Nachos in Portland?

I just saw this topic in the L.A. board and was wondering who people think has the best nachos in Portland. I always get the nachos at Binks but I just moved right around the corner and have not had a chance to sample too many other versions around town. What do you guys think?

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  1. Oy -- being from Texas, I have to say that there are no REAL nacho places in PDX. That said, one place we do like to go for nachos is Esparza's Tex Mex Cafe. What we like is that they serve them as individually dressed chips -- not a blob of chips with the blob of fake cheese and a blob of sour cream sprinkled with beans.

    I'm curious if anyone else out there knows of good nachos in Portland besides Esparza's.

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      Oy... being from Mexico, I have to say that there are no REAL nacho places in Texas. =)

    2. Related question: Are there carne asada fries anywhere in seattle or portland? I've had them in Seattle at Memo's on The Ave, but they did not even come close to SoCal carne asada fries

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        No carne asada fries, but Portland does have pastrami fries at Kenny & Zukes.

      2. Another related question...any good chilaquiles in Portland? It seems like something Por Que No would do really well but I don't see it on their menu.

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          Por Que No serves up chilaquiles on their weekend brunch menu. You should also try Authentica on NE Killingsworth and 30th.

        2. Getting back to the original question, I hear the nachos at the taco truck on 34th (or so) and Division are top-notch. Anyone try them?

          1. They are neither "authentic" nor "traditional", but the tater tot nachos (totchos) at Blitz were great!

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              The one time i tried the totchos at Blitz I thought they were pure stoner food. A good rendition of it, but thats all they were. Anyone can lump 9 creamy/melted/nacho-ish toppings on a pile of ore-ida tater tots.....along with authentic and traditional, I would add good to the list of things they aint!

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                Sorry we disagree. I enjoyed them. Would I crawl across a Wal-mart sized parking lot covered with thumbtacks on my bare stomach to have them again? No, dont be silly. But I enjoyed them, and when I find myself in Portland again and am at Blitz, I will order them again. I havent been stoned since 1979.

            2. Aqui Mexican Cafe, 1408 Se 12th Ave, has a nice traditional pile of nachos. Outdoor seating and great margaritas too. I also liked the shredded chicken nachos at East End, 203 SE Grand Ave.