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Aug 5, 2008 04:48 PM

Cardamom pods.....What do I do with them?

So I have these whole pods, and I don't think I spelled Cardamom correctly...

I know some ground up can go into baking but I was wondering what else I can do with them since it's summer and I don't intend to turn on the oven for at least another month.
Also I'm not a huge baker since I live alone.

Ideas, recipes, anything would be great. Thanks!

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  1. Try brewing the pods with black tea leaves. Cardomom tea (usually served very sweet) is popular in the middle east. Crack several pods to expose the seeds, and simmer them for a little while by themselves. Then add the tea, and steep until you have the desired strength. Add sugar to taste.

    Also there are different kinds of cardomom: green, white, and black, to my knowledge. They have different flavor characteristics, so results may vary.

    1. I add cracked green cardamom pods to rice pudding, to the custard when making ice cream and make a nice cardamom ice cream.

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        Cardamom ice cream BRILLIANT!!!
        I think I have green cardamom - at least the pods are green...

        1. re: starlady

          It is actually the best. I steep the custard with the cracked pods and strain out before freezing.

      2. I allow them to dry, then grind and and mill. I sift out the chaff ( pod debris) and keep the other grindings for baking and other recipes like Indian chutneys etc.

        1. Here is a thread when I asked about how to use the pod. Sorry, haven't figured out the link thing yet.

          1. When making rice for Indian "type" food, I take a green pod and smash it with the side of my knife then place it in the pot with my basamati and water/coconut milk...really flavors the rice brilliantly.

            Lebanese often flavor their "turkish" coffee with cardomom, though this can be easily done with regular drip coffee makers. lightly crushing the pod with the side of yer knife then place it on top of yer coffee in the filter. The flavor of cardomom come through and it's a great change of pace from my typical Folgers.