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Aug 5, 2008 04:42 PM

Best Pizza with Tonnes of Toppings

I'm not after the best pizza; that's well covered. There was a pizza joint in Saskatoon, where I grew up, called Vern's that served a pizza that had about 1/2 inch of solid toppings on it. I'm wondering if Toronto had a similar offering.

I realize that most people would consider this sacrilege when it comes to pizza, but nostalgia's nostalgia.



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  1. Used to live in stoon myself and I must say I miss the Double Double from Vern's. Double Cheese Double Sauce and a hell of alot of meat. You just made me crave it and there is nothing in Toronto that I have found that is anything like it. Damn it Tal!!! You are right it is a sacrilege to most pizza lovers but in the West, that is pizza! If I ever find anything like it I will tell you.

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    1. Try Dante's - can't say how it "stacks" up against the competition outside of T.O but relative to most pizzas found here, it's very topping heavy. And the toppings are of really good quality. Only down side is that it's very expensive.

      267 Bay Thorn Dr, Thornhill, ON L3T3V8, CA

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        Dante's being expensive is relative. I have always ordered a Large Pizza with Sliced Steak/Sausage/Pepperoni and extra cheese. You cannot eat more than 2 slices. It costs 35.00 but the topppings are high quality and you have leftovers. Not like the chains that have no idea what a large pizza is or quality toppings.

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          Oh man, the sliced steak is bringing back happy memories. Is it still a nice cut of beef they use? I have to drop by there some day and pick one up. Never found their other food very good, but their pizza was amazing.

          1. re: Pincus

            The sliced is still great as ever. As far as the other food there are some good choices. The sliced steak sandwich is pretty and if I recall the cheese sandwich is good. The have also had the Italian Fiesta on the menu since I was a kid. A great choice if you are hungry. Pasta with sausage, veal and meatballs!!!!

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          I'm from S'toon and Dante's is the best I've been able to find in GTA but not as good as Vern's. You would need the meat from 10 dante's pizza to get close to vern's.

        3. My go-to Pizza place in Ottawa, Cafe Collonade, stacks lots of toppings, and i love it, love it, love it - if you're ever there, go and you'll like it, I think.

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            While he'd probably like Ottawa/Montreal-style pizza, I haven't really found any places serving this style in Toronto.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. You'll have to look for Chicago style deep dish pizza, which unfortunately is not available in the city of Toronto.