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Aug 5, 2008 04:36 PM


Haven't tried the tuna from Spain or Italy. Is there that much a a differance from the tuna in the USA? What are the best brands? Are they packed on Olive OIl or water?

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  1. There is,mostly because of "packed in olive oil".Almost all I see offered is in jars not
    cans.It is a sometime summer treat in this house.How much we like a brand seems to be so price driven.We don't even see repeat small brands very often.Would love to see
    if anyone has found a not so pricey brand (<$5.99 per 6oz).

    An alternative maybe is to oil poach your own.There are several good recipes/methods,
    although eat now is the trade off.Easy,tasty and not messy.

    1. Imported is totally different than the US stuff. Usually packed in Olive Oil and the tuna is not white. The best I've had is in jars, Costco carries some and it pretty reasonable, like $2+ per can.

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        thanks for the info,it is not at my regular/closest Costco,but we have several in my area,will call around.