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Inn at Little Washington-Report

zabriskibound Aug 5, 2008 04:25 PM

Thanks to all of those who gave us advice on if it was still worth going to. As promised, here is what we think having just had dinner last Friday night. It is worth going to. We arrived exactly on time, and were ushered into a room that just oozes with unique restaurant vibes, from ornately wallpapered ceilings, fringy lamps, to a bit less stuffy mobile cheese table that moos as it passes through the room.
Tables were close together, and while conversation was easily possible, it could always be overheard by your neighbor. This was a distraction and not really expected at a restaurant costing this much.
Our party of four ordered from the menu and picked our own wines. Tab for four was just over $250 per person. OK, the food. There is no question this is creative American cuisine. Many of the dishes were absolutely wonderful. Standouts were the soft shell crab, tuna masquerading as a filet, macaroni and cheese, and halibut. Not great were the mediterranean redfish, Seven deadly sins for desert featured three that were ok, and four really very good.
Our opinion is that there are several places in Chicago that are just as good, and on this list we would include Trotters, Tru, Alinea and perhaps one or two others. But we are glad we went.
A word on dress. Casual is really OK here. We were the only ones in the place with ties, and we quickly took them off. We did have jackets, but not necessary. Summer dresses or slacks and summer top were what most of the women wore.
The staff is very friendly and attentive but not stuffy and this really makes a difference.
A great place to stay afterwards is Hopkin Ordinary in Sperryville. Foodies: these folks make unbelievable creative breakfasts that are the best we have ever had at any restaurant, and folks we have eaten breakfast at a lot of places in a lot of countries. Good B and B with great hosts who both can COOK with mostly organic ingredients and their own innovative style. It is a five minute drive from Inn at Little Washington.