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Aug 5, 2008 03:20 PM

Delivery to King of Prussia?

I moved to King of Prussia about a year ago, and I've never had food delivered here. I love to cook, and if I want to go out, I'll usually go to a sit-down restaurant where I can get something luxurious. I'll occasionally get takeout pizza or something like that.

But I'm going to be having surgery in a few weeks, and I won't be able to drive for a couple of weeks afterwards. It would be nice to pick up the phone and get something delivered, when I get tired of reheating stuff in the microwave! But I don't really know whether there are any places around here that deliver - I know some takeout places but I don't think most of them deliver.

Any good suggestions? I live fairly near the mall, to give a better idea of where I'm located.


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  1. There's actually quite a few places in the area that deliver, although most of them are the usual pizza and Chinese food suspects. One of the Indian restaurants in the area may deliver. Most of the ones I know are in Bridgeport. Places on the near edge of Norristown may also deliver.

    Some of the options:
    Michael's Deli
    Famous George's (Pizza/Italian)
    Franzone's (Bridgeport) (Pizza/Italian) (not sure if they will deliver that far or not)
    #1 China Star (Bridgeport, again not sure if they will deliver to you)

    For whatever it's worth, the Acme on 202 will also deliver groceries for a $10 fee.

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      +1 for Michaels; great breakfasts and deli sandwiches
      Franzone's will deliver to KoP, but will add a delivery charge. IMO, it's worth it for their pizza

      1. re: 94Bravo

        Michael's even has online ordering, but I've never used it, usually just call:

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          Michael's is my first suggestion. Awesome Jewish deli. They have a beer license, although I'm not sure if they're allowed to deliver beer.

          Check your telephone book. There are apparently some delivery services that work with various restos. They advertise very prominently in the yellow pages so finding them shouldn't be a problem. And they might deliver for restaurants that you know are good but don't offer delivery service themselves.

          And I'm very sorry about your needing surgery. I hope the procedure is perfect and you have a complete, easy and speedy recovery! Might be worth laying in some comfort food for when you don't feel well enough to really eat. Best wishes!

          Michael's Jewish Deli & Restaurant
          130 Town Center Rd, King of Prussia, PA