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Aug 5, 2008 03:16 PM

rao's -breakfast, lunch?

i've googled rao's and have gotten so many different answers that i knew this was the only place where i'd get the truth!
is rao's only open for dinner? i saw breakfast hours but no lunch hours on website but couldn't get any menus and then i saw a summer special for lunch but then i saw they never served lunch etc etc etc
please help....
my husband goes to a week long class and i'm always trying to find places that i want to try that are open for lunch to maximize the amount of places we try in our once a year trip

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  1. Get a pastry directly across from Rao's for breakfast at Payard. Go to the take away instead of sitting at Payard - same food for less money.

    Of course, my thought is you eat elsewhere anyway. Both Payard and Rao's aren't really top of the heap.