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Aug 5, 2008 03:09 PM

Chapines Deli in Mt. Kisco (guatemalan)

I've written about this place before - though it's probably been two years ago - but I thought I'd give an update.

I went again for lunch today. Very good casual guatemalan food there. First, their empanadas are quite good. They are hand made and fried. Try the chicken. Second, the tacos are excellent - primarily because of the tortillas which are all hand made. These are a little different to mexican tortillas. They are much thicker, but much softer. Hand patted, griddle cooked, and steaming goodness. They had fried pacaya, quite a few other good steam-table offerings as well. I still haven't tried their tamales, but intend to next time.

Now, I think the key is going there early for lunch. You'll battle the crowds of workers coming in, but most are there just for take out. It has only three very small tables. But if you go early, the tortillas and all the food is freshly homemade. I've been there for dinner and the tortillas weren't as fresh. Not sure if that's always the case or not.

The tacos are pretty good. The fillings are tasty enough, I guess (stick with the bistek, which though a little salty, is the tastiest). My chorizo filling wasn't that great. But it didn't matter since the tortillas were so dang good.

This is NOT a fancy place. This place gives dive it's name. But if you are looking for a guatemalan fix, or just some really dang good hand made tortillas, this is your place.

Chapines Deli
17 Armonk Rd, Mt Kisco, NY
(914) 242-1732

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  1. Speaking of Mt Kisco, have you been to Azteca? I'm curious what your opinion is. My personal favorites are tacos de lengua, tacos al carbon and pescado a veracruz.

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    1. re: pabboy

      I have been there a few times. The last few times my tacos have been pretty poor, but I've never had any of the ones you mentioned above. I'll have to give it a try. Are there any other mexican places worth trying in Kisco?

      I also noticed a Salvadoran restaurant there (been there a long time), but I haven't ever tried. Have you been there?

      1. re: adamclyde

        I've going to Azteca since I read about it in Jim Leff's book. I haven't been to anywhere else in Mt Kisco since I don't live near by. I noticed a taqueria nearby on South Moger Ave. but never ventured in.

        Azteca is hit or miss. I think it's best to hit it on Fri-Sun. I've had bad experiences on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

    2. oh, I just asked about Mt. Kisco on the metro north thread. Any of these within walking distance of the Metro North stop?

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      1. re: THewat

        The guatemalan place definitely isn't. Azteca might be, but you are better off going to Port Chester Metro station for much better mexican food (and closer by too).

        1. re: THewat

          Chapines Deli is not close to the station. Azteca isn't too far, but if you are looking for mexican near a train station, you'll find much better near the Port Chester train station.