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Aug 5, 2008 03:00 PM

Help- How to wash/clean baby bok choy?

Plan on halving lengthwise and grilling, but they are all sandy. Rinsed in cold water, but still sand inside at base. Do I remove a few of the outer stalks? Seems like a waste...

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  1. just let it soak in a big bowl of water for a while and gently agitate it from time to time. The grit will fall to the bottom. Don't waste the outside leaves or you'll be left with nothing.

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      Yep, big bowl of water is key (rinsing doesn't really carry the grit away from the stalk). Be sure to lift them out of the water and then dump it and rinse the bowl, rather than pouring out the water (the grit will just be left behind at the bottom of the bowl otherwise). I usually give them another bath after the first one, to be sure the water comes out clean...

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        I'm having trouble picturing how the grit falls out. Do you halve them before soaking and soak cut side down? Or cut at the base and soak "standing" up?

      2. I halve the babies, put them into a colander which is then put into a large bowl in the sink. Water is run over the greens in the colander till the bowl is full, then the water is agitated. The colander is lifted out of the water, the water is drained. I do this several times till there's no more grit in the bottom of the bowl.

        1. If soaking them in straight water doesn't get the grit out, try soaking them in a 10-20% vinegar solution. As bw said, you'll need to agitate from time to time. After a few minutes, gently lift out the bok choy and put it in a colander. Then rinse again with a clean stream of cold water to rinse away the vinegar and any remaining grit.

          1. I blanch them quickly for a few seconds in boiling water and then throw them into a vat of ice water to make them very colorful and crisp; it helps loosen the dirt.
            After blanching and icing, rinse well in the bucket of water.

            1. I love this board! Just what I needed to know too!