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Aug 5, 2008 02:44 PM

Funky Edamame

In the past, when I have bought fresh (shelled) edamame I have just kept the leftover beans in the plastic dish they came in and re-wrapped them. When I go to use them again, they are kind of slimy and have a sort of funky smell. Am I not storing them correctly or should I be rinsing them? They were not past the sell-by-date when used. TIA.

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  1. funky edamame - i love that tune

    ok - now back to your chow

    1. You should probably freeze the leftovers if you are not going to be eating them within...maybe a few hours? I get the frozen edamame and when they defrost they come out fine, but these are still in their pods. The problem may be that you're buying them already shelled, in which case they can "go bad" and start to get funky much quicker than buying ones that are still in the pods. The frozen ones are always good, though.