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Aug 5, 2008 02:25 PM

Restaurants for Marine Corps Marathon Weekend

I'll be in D.C. to run the Marine Corps Marathon the weekend of October 24th, 25th, 26th and am looking for good places to eat. I'm looking for a "celebratory" dinner for after the marathon on the 26th, then maybe some low key places the other days. I figure it will probably be a busy weekend and would love to make some reservations now. Cuisine type doesn't matter too much, but maybe more along the Italian lines. But definitely open to suggestions!

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  1. Here's a thread on this topic from last year:

    It's a good start for recommendations, but please provide additional guidance so we can advise better.

      1. re: bigmackdaddy

        That's Makoto. And it's not really in Georgetown, but a short drive nw up MacArthur Blvd. And if you like sushi but want a more casual atmosphere, and much lower cost, just go upstairs to the tiny Kotobuki, where many of the offerings are $1-$2, and you will get a good sushi fix.

        1. re: crackers

          Kotobuki will require either using the bus system or having a car. They also don't take reservations and the wait can be long or non existent. If there is a wait, the alternatives in walking distance are limited (Black Salt for excellent seafood in the higher priced range is all the comes to mind within short walking distance), Kemble Park Tavern and Et Voila (neither of which I have never tried) seem to me to be a bit of a hike.

          If you are carless, there are hundreds of restaurants on the Metro system.

          1. re: deangold

            @deangold: "If you are carless, there are hundreds of restaurants on the Metro system."

            Like your own for instance? :)

            Makoto, downstairs at the same address as Kotobuki, does take reservations. Very short cab ride from G'town - about 1.5 miles from the university. And eminently walkable if you're a Marine Corp Marathon runner!

          2. re: crackers

            With all due respect one cannot recommend Makoto strictly for the sushi. Makoto is one of the best restaurants I've been to. They have excellent kitchen food which, if I understand correctly the menu changes every week or two, and yes their sushi is second to none. Their saba, ume shiso, uni and homemade wasabi is worth the trip and expense alone. Don't cheat yourself of the Makoto experience if you're in their neck of the woods.

        2. Thank you! I forgot to add more details!
          We're staying at the Melrose Hotel on Pennsylvania Ave.
          As far as price range, for the post-marathon meal, maybe between $25/$35 for and entree, as they'll be between 5 and 7 of us. Also, we'll be at the mercy of public transportation (metro or taxi, i suppose) so someplace not too far.

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          1. re: beef08

            Filomena in Georgetown.
            Carb load.

            1. re: Jeserf

              DC has so many wonderful restaurants. Please don't go to Filomena. Its food is not worth the trip if you don't live here given all the other choices, and its decor is bizarre.

              1. re: Martha

                Filomena is excellent for a group interested in big bowls of pasta.

                Another option would be Locanda on capitol hill.

                In terms of what's good to eat before a marthon, if you want pasta, i don't think Filomena is a bad choice. And then after the marathon, go someplace more fantastic.

                But, that's just me I guess

            2. re: beef08

              I disagree with the folks who are recommending a Japanese restaurant after a marathon. I know you did your carb loading the night before the race, but the flavors and delicacy of Japanese cooking/sushi just don't seem to strike the properly satisfying note after pounding the pavement for 26 miles.

              So here are some restaurants I would choose if I had just successfully run 26 miles. (I honesty don't think of restaurants in terms of access to public transportation so I don't know if any of my recommendations qualify on that score.)

              Indian: Rasika serves modern Indian cuisine. The restaurant has a definite celebratory vibe to it and will come in at your price point. Their fried spinach appetizer topped with several sauces and chutneys is the stuff of dreams. Their spicing is complex and intense but not incendiary.

              Italian: If you eat before 7:00 p.m. you qualify for one of the best bargains in town: the delicious $35 pre-theater meal at Tosca, a sleek capable Italian restaurant. The vibe is upscale and pampered and the food is always excellent.

              Pan-Latino: Ceiba would be another festive possibility. Their food ranges from light seafood preparations (e.g. ceviche) to heartier ethnic dishes (e.g. pork shank feijoada) Many of the appetizers have a festive communal vibe (e.g. guacamole or queso fundido).

              Good luck in the marathon!

              1. re: Indy 67

                Those are all very Metro accessible. But, OP, you should check out the Circulator Bus, it'll be great for you and for getting to (most of) these places.

            3. HI Beef
              I will also be in the DC area that weekend staying at the Melrose Hotel as well. Anything locally that someone could recommend for a single traveler would be great. I've never been to dc and I don't know the area at all.

              Thank you!