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Aug 5, 2008 02:24 PM

What is this cheese?

I am cat-sitting for a relative and also poking around in the fridge and I've discovered an unmarked cheese that I really like. It's a piece from a round that must have been about six inches across, one and a half tall. It has no rind, but is covered in ash (?). It's chalk white with a dense texture. Not gooey, not crumbly. The flavor is a tiny bit brie-ish, but not really. It's pretty salty, too. Any ideas so that I can buy my own and stop this illict nibbling?

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  1. Tough one. I'm guessing that it's a goat cheese, either French, American or Québécois.

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    1. re: mrbozo

      I've gone to a couple websites and it looks like you're right. Most (all?) ash-coated cheeses seem to be goat. (btw, I liked your first response)

      1. re: Glencora

        I've had Québec goat cheese whose rind was ash coated and since Québec artisanal cheesemaking is heavily influenced by French traditions ... that and the "chalk white" colour.

        Ah yes: Vapeur d'Invisibilité ... ;)

    2. Can't help you identify it but both Murrays and Artisanal (NY shops) have pretty thorough websites that might help you uncover the type of cheese.

      1. Sounds like it might describe Bouq Émissaire, an aged Quebec goat cheese. Ones of my faves.