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Aug 5, 2008 02:21 PM

Where to buy grass-fed meats?

I know all the stores I go to have "vegetarian diet", but I want a no grain diet for my meats.....but I've looked everywhere. I'm in Sunnyvale/Mountain View/ San Jose area, but I can't find a thing. I'm willing to drive.


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  1. Berkeley Bowl has a respectable selection - mostly from Uruguay if I recall. It is, of course, a drive.

    1. Whole Food (aka Whole Paycheck) has grass fed beef. Their butcher counter is actually pretty good...but on the expensive side.

      2nd on Berkeley Bowl...but that's a real haul. Given gas prices, I'd just buy closer to home.

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        The Berkeley Bowl stuff from Uruguay is Estancia grass fed beef, which is also carried at Falletti Foods in San Francisco. I don't know how Falletti's prices compare to Berkeley Bowl but in general I think Falletti's is pretty fair for beef.

        The web site indicates Draeger's Menlo Park has it, and Summit Store in Los Gatos

        Falletti Foods
        308 Broderick St, San Francisco, CA

      2. Mountain View farmer's market on Sunday, Pampero Ranch beef are grass fed. I am pretty sure Whole Foods & Trader Joe in Mountain View has grass-fed beef too.

        1. According to the Marin Sun Farms website (, Country Sun Natural Foods in Palo Alto should carry their line.

          1. Have you considered a local CSA? The one I use (Morris Farms/TO Cattle) only takes orders annually, but I believe Marin Sun Farms will add people monthly, and they have a pickup location in Palo Alto.