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Aug 5, 2008 02:11 PM

Mail Order Tamales

I'm thinking of serving these for Christmas Eve. Has anyone ordered and found them delicious? I see Neiman's has them, but you have to order in quantity and they are so expensive I hate to take a chance. Any ideas?

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  1. I have heard many good reports about these: http://www.tamale.com/

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      Thanks, Sean. It just put it on my "favorites" for later.

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      1. Yep, Pedro's tamales are very good. There is a thread somewhere on Chowhound specifically about them if you want to go searching.

        1. I like Hot Damn, Tamales! (www.hotdamntamales.com


          and Sylvia's green corn tamales are delicious (an understatement!)


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            Jeanne, do you think hotdamntamales are real spicy? I would be ordering the beef and/or pork. I have some anti-spicy guests for Christmas Eve.

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              No not too spicy. I put fresh salsa on them (as a side - add as you eat) - spiciness can be controlled. I've heard of people putting enchilada sauce on them, but I wouldn't.

              I'd get both beef and pork. Your non-spicy guests might also like the poblano corn tamales - has a touch of sweetness to them with the sweet corn in them.

          2. My office ordered them last Christmas from Neiman's ... and we weren't impressed ... they were on the bland side. I would recommend finding a local vendor if at all possible or some other mail order recs from Chowhounders.

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              Thanks, lilygirl. I have seen them in the catalog for years and always thought I should give them a try. Thanks for saving me the $$$s.