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Aug 5, 2008 01:42 PM

Jocko's, Hitching Post (Casmalia), or Far Western Tavern?

If you were spending the day near Nipomo but sleeping in Lompoc that night, where would you eat?

(Beside Chef Rick's that is).

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  1. Never been to the Far Western Tavern but everyone I know would choose Hitching Post, followed by Jocko's. Both have great steaks, Jocko's is just a tad more rustic!

    Hitching Post has a better wine list!

      1. re: toodie jane there anything particular to order?

        1. re: mlgb

          FW specializes in rib eyes--you can't go wrong with that. Typical steak house sides. This place is a time-machine--puts you back to the middle of the last century. Located in an old farming town. Pretty funky, but real.

      2. Been to all and like them all pretty well. I would say, Jocko's then FWT, then HP. But they are pretty close.

        Just had lunch at Jocko's last weekend. They fire up the oak grill at 1pm on Sunday and we had the first steak off the grill. Went with one New York and an extra plate setup for me and my wife. The steak was huge with a nice char on the outside and tender in the middle. Comes with pinquito beans which are quite good there. Also a salad that is iceberg and nothing special. We got french fries as the starch and they were really nice.

        Plan was to split the steak but it was so big we each only ate 1/4 and took the other half home and had a oak grilled steak salad the next day.

        I only wish they had draft firestone instead of bottles in the bar but...

        1. The two ex-locals in our group decide to veto both Jockos and the Far Western Tavern, so we went to Casmalia. I liked it very much, especially efficient service (in great contrast to a disastrous following evening at Chef Ricks) and the funky local scene. Although the beef was of course the highlight, the fact that dinner included beverage, relish tray, bay shrimp cocktail, iceberg salad, garlic toast, choice of side (the BBQ-grilled veggies were great), AND ice cream was a shocker! And this could be achieved for under $30 pp pre-tax for the top sirloin cut (I couldn't even finish the small one).

          To me this is still a true "chowhound" place, as opposed to the other HP.

          If Jocko's is even more rustic than Casmalia I will have to check it out next year, even if the ex-locals object.

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          1. re: mlgb

            can you give us the DD's of your meal at Rick's? this place has been so consistent, that your comment surprises. Chowhounds need to know!

            1. re: toodie jane

              Sorry I didn't see your post right away. New waiter, errors on the printed menu, didn't know what they had and didn't have, got the order wrong, then it took forever. When my salad with eggplant and lamb finally arrived, the lamb was shoe leather. The replacement was nicely undercooked, but not a good cut..lots of gristle. I guess that was punishment. Another couple that we knew arrived about 20 minutes after we did, after observing the ongoing fiasco, left without ordering. Rick was there, too.

              I sure hope it was just an off night. Very surpising to us as well.

          2. Jocko's in Nipomo if you like meat!! Weekdays they have the best steak sandwiches and
            on the weekends they serve Filet and the portions are huge. They don't take reservations. Jeans & T-shirt common attire.