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Aug 5, 2008 01:25 PM

Mario's B&B in Vegas (Pasting Tasting Menu)

Hey guys, I'm going down to Vegas at the end of August (can't wait! first time and for 9 days!)

Anyways I have a reservation for B&B and I cannot wait. My plan is to try the pasting tasting menu but my question is this. I'm going with my girlfriend who is not as big a foodie as I am. She enjoys trying things, but not nearly as much as I.

I know the pasting tasting menu says it requires the participation of the entire table but what does that mean? Also neither of us are large wine drinkers but for this occasion I was thinking about getting the wine pairings for myself to go with each pasta course so I can try exactly what it's supposed to be but she probably won't want wine.

Is that okay?

For people who have eaten there, do you really need both persons' participation for the pasta tasting menu? I'm certain I can convince her to take part in that, even if only I will have wine with it.

Just any insight into the pasting tasting menu would be great.


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  1. My experience there is that both parties have to have the tasting menu. Also, when my wife wanted to sub one of the pasta dishes for another pasta dish, they said we could as long as both parties do the sub. In other words, everyone gets the same thing.

    This is not true of the wine however. My wife and I had different wines and that was not a problem. BTW, I am not sure if have a wine pairing for each course is a good idea. They courses come fairly quickly. I just got two glasses--one for the first part and one for the second part of the meal.

    And one last comment--we thought it was very good.

    1. How does this work and what is the cost? I'd like some info on that.
      Three of us would probably go for that, but then three of us could order three different things and share. What is the benefit?

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        As far as I know the pasta tasting menu for Mario's place is $85 per person with a $65 per person wine pairing (optional).
        You get 7 courses, 5 of pasta and 2 desserts if I'm not mistaken.

        I have not had it though. This is just from my own research. I will be going to Vegas on Aug 29-Sept 6 and I will have it then. I cannot wait!

        1. re: mcorway

          Thanks. I was a little confused with the "pasting tasting"; I thought it was some new fangled term for something out of this world. I did see that pasta tasting and wondered w hether or not to do it. There are three of us. We are thinking each ordering our own pasta and sharing so we can choose what we want. But 5 pastas sounds much better.

          1. re: mcorway

            Actually the pasta tasting menu is now $99pp with the optional wine pairings at $70-$105
            You're 100% right about the menu, five pastas and two desserts