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Aug 5, 2008 01:20 PM

The Bagel House: Reviews?

I saw this article in the Toronto Star last week about a new place called "The Bagel House" which sells "authentic" Montreal style bagels 24 hours a day!

Has anyone been? How are the bagels? Please share your reviews with us.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Bagel House is not new, they've been around for a couple of years. The hours are new though. Their bagels are wonderful, it's the only place we'll get them from these days.

    1. DD, this bagel spot has been open for a while (Avenue Rd and Fairlawn). I guess they have decided to be open 24 hours a day. Their bagels are very good, and are cooked fresh throughout the day. Nothing better than a warm poppy seed bagel with light cream cheese - crunchy on the outside, soft and doughy on the inside with that sweet Montreal bagel flavour.

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      1. re: gnr

        Yes, that's the case. The owner was just interviewed live on Montreal radio.

      2. At 85 cents a piece I won't be buying there bagels anytime soon....For some former Montrealers coming up from the States I orderd bagels from St. Viateur (or was it Fairmount) in Montreal and had them shipped the same day for less.

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        1. re: Finnegan

          Recently all the well known Montreal bagel establishments in Montreal dramatically raised their bagel prices(due to the high flour prices if I remember correctly). Maybe 20-30% increase.

          1. re: BLM

            I never look at the prices at St Viateur...I just eat them...quickly !

            1. re: chaptwo

              Me neither. I never look at the prices. I mean it's just a bagel for g-sakes, how bad could it get!!

              1. re: millygirl

                I was responding to Finnegan. Otherwise I would have never brought it up.

                1. re: BLM

                  No worries, I figured that and was doing the same thing....responding to finnegan.

        2. Thanks for the clarification, everyone. Apparently, I misunderstood the article and should have more carefully. If I have the time, I'll check it out -- though I doubt I'll be doing so at 3am!

          1. Not really a fan of this place. I find their bagels a bit small.

            But -- if they are open 24 hours now, that's something...