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Where can I find Mini-Hamburger (aka Sliders) Buns?

I'm hosting a BBQ / House part near the end of the month. I am thinking about making Sliders instead of burgers, as a lighter option, maybe even as a large appetizer. But I need a source of good quality mini-hamburger buns. Anyone have an idea of bakeries that might make such a delightful item? I live downtown near the St. Lawrence Market, so any downtown suggestions are much appreciated.

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  1. How about dinner rolls? I believe most supermarkets carry a bag of 18 or 24 buns. They are more rectangular than square though. I think they'd be pretty close to the consistency of White Castle, give 'em a blast of steam before you plate them. If you're looking for something square that's small enough for sliders, I'm at a loss.

    1. I know someone who took dinner rolls and a cookie cutter and went to town.... :)

      1. I dont know about you but I cant even find a decent hamburger bun here, let alone a slider bun. If you are going for some sloppy not fancy sliders you could slice hot dog buns into thirds.

        1. I think that Silverstein's Bakery will make them for you if you order them. As far as I remember, they only need a day or so notice.

          Silverstein's Bakery Ltd.
          195 McCaul Street
          Toronto, ON M5T 1W6
          (416) 598-3478

          1. So I had this thought, why not use baguette instead. cut into slices about 5cm, then split/cut lengthwise.

            1. Doji is right. Silverstein's is the way to go. I bought 5 dozen from them this past winter. They only need a day or two notice and you pick them up. Can't recall exact price but it was inexpensive.

              1. I got some from Ace which were excellent. This was over a year ago so prices may have changed. I'm sure I saw them at Brick Street as well.

                Here is the Ace info.

                Thank you for your inquiry. Our 2 inch hamburger bun is a
                foodservice product and therefore normally only available to our restaurants, hotels etc. We do realize that during the busy entertaining season this is a
                popular product and therefore we are glad to make this exception. There are
                12 pieces per bag and it retails for $6.00 per bag. This product is only
                available here at our Retail Cafe located at 1 Hafis Road. To place this
                order and for directions or for any other questions you may have please do
                not hesitate to contact me at your earliest convenience.
                Our hamburger bun is made using our white dough. It is the same dough used to make our regular sized hamburger buns. The best way to store them for 48hrs is by freezing them. If you wish to place the order, you can do so by calling me 2 days prior at 416 241 3600 and ask for Stefania and I will be glad to assist you.


                Stefania Loberto
                Customer Service
                Tel. 416 241 3600 x.333

                1. I called Silverstein's and Brick and here are the details:

                  Silverstein's - 416-598-3478
                  They make with 2 days notice, a mini-egg dinner roll, suitable for 1.5oz Sliders. It can be plain, or with sasame or poppy seed. Price is $2.21 a dozen, pick-up on McCaul.

                  I ended up speaking with the owner, she told me with 48 hrs notice she can make a mini-hamburger bun, that is 2" or up to 3" upon request. It has Sasame seeds, and is $.40 each. Pick-up Logan and Queen....

                  Has anyone tried either of these buns? I'd love it if someone could vouch for either one... ;)

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                    ordered the silverstein's recently for a sandwich/burger tasting paired with beer and they were good. they're basic mildly eggy dense buns that were the perfect size for a round of pork tenderloin and fit a thick 3oz patty (if i did my math right). nice crust to it but if they weren't so tall and dense, and if they were a bit sweeter i'd declare them pretty much perfect. they were able to do them for me with 24 hours notice no problem though you need to call before 3pm to get your order in for the next day.

                    i could put up a photo of a sandwich if you're interested.

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                      If you don't mind a pic of the sandwich would be great.... thanks :)

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                          I see what you were saying about the being being a bit tall. I'm totally on the fence about hem now...decisions, decisions... ;)

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                            are you going for authentic slider (a la white castle) or just mini burgers. if just mini burgers, then the dinner rolls are a good option, or try "pan de sal" which is found in most asian/filipino markets. try remely's on eglinton.

                            If you're going for authentic slyder style, then the only place i've seen the buns is via sysco or other suppliers, and if you have friend in restaurant, have them order for you. you don't want them too bready or you ruin the "slide" and i hope you aren't bbq-ing the burgers - ya gotta steam fry them.

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                              I'm not doing real sliders. These will be mini-burgers done on the BBQ. to add to the heresy I will be adding Stilton to half the meat for a mini-cheeseburger option.

                  2. I was at an event catered by either En Ville or Daniel et Daniel, and they had the mini burgers. You could call them and ask where they got theirs. They definitely had substance - wouldn't be surprised to know they were Ace. Just adding this in case the options provided don't work out.