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Aug 5, 2008 01:08 PM

Best Unique Dining Experiences

Looking for someplace new and exciting to go in Manhattan. Not just looking for typical fine dining. Fondue, korean bbq, brazilian steakhouse, fun things like that, but with great food. Any suggestions?

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  1. Artisanal has great fondue.

    And while I usually shun brazilian steakhouses Porcao's pretty good at getting the quality/quantity balance right.

    1. Second the Artisanal rec for fondue. For korean BBQ, there's Madangsui. And it's been a while since I've been to a churrascaria, so I've got no opinion on that.

      And I don't know if dim sum is new for you. If not, going to a cart dim sum restaurant can be pretty exciting as you just point to what you want instead of ordering it off a menu.

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      1. re: Miss Needle

        And while not in the same vein as Korean BBQ and fondue, I find dining at a sushi bar or any bar where you can see your food being prepared fun -- eg. Degustation, Yakitori Totto, etc.

      2. Gyu-kaku in Midtown East is fun. It's Japanese bbq and great for parties or just a date. The decor is nice and if you get a seat by the window, you can look down onto 3rd avenue.

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          Yeah. I like Gyu-Kaku too. I have been going to the downtown location mostly. I think the service is good and the waitstaff speak decent English. The food is a little less garlicky than Korean BBQ and when you leave the restaurant you tend not to smell like BBQ because their ventilation system works pretty well.

          Another place I will recommend is Cha-An, a Japanese tea house on East 9th St. I have been there for lunch. It has a very interesting atmosphere/decor and the food is good. I think they serve tea snacks as well as light meals. Again, a place that's a little more "special" than a typical Japanese restaurant.

        2. The best surprise I've had in a while is Kasadela on 11th by C. It's Japanese tapas with Korean influence. The grilled beef with shredded apples is one of the finest dishes I've ever had.

          1. Sakae for conveyer belt sushi.