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Aug 5, 2008 01:07 PM

Anyone been to "Time" [Restaurant, Whisky Bar & Tap Room, Absinthe Lounge] which replaced Ludwig's Garten on Sansom?

Sounds like an interesting concept. Has anyone had the pleasure?


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  1. Yes. The food was delicious and worthy of Laban's 2 stars. I recommend the ribeye and salmon wellington. I was disappointed with the variety of options. I would like to see the menu expand especially with starters. We tried the grande absinthe, which tasted more like sambucca but I guess that's on par for US absinthe. Service was flakey.

    The ambiance is intersting - jazzy, airy lounge on one side, dark, Ludwig-esque dive on the other side, and a dingy, tapestry-laden upstairs. Definitely worth checking out to decide for yourself.

    1. I agree that the food was pretty good and the physical space was really nice, but I was really disapointed in the "whisky bar". The scotch selection is probably rivalled by that of any of the better Irish pubs in town with maybe two or three interesting bottles thrown in. I'm not asking for the Brandy Library (hoping, praying maybe) but I asked for a Bruichladdich, which I don't even think of as being that exotic, and the guy looked at me like I just ordered the caviar at McDonalds and then gave me some line about how it was too expensive for them to carry (never mind that the Lagavulin that they had is usually comparable or pricier).