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Aug 5, 2008 01:04 PM

Whole Wheat Pastry Flour: Does it exist here?

Where in Toronto or the GTA at large can I get whole wheat pastry flour?
I'm referring specifically to flour made for baking cakes and pastries and not regular whole wheat. Please let me know if there is such a thing here.

Thanks much!

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    1. re: professor plum

      Is there a particular BB that sells it? I posted about WW pastry flour and could not find it anywhere in Toronto. I looked in all the high end stores (Whole Foods, Michael Angelo's, Longo's), and even in Buffalo, could not find pastry flour, just whole wheat flour. I also checked Bulk Barn but couldn't find it in Scarborough or Pickering.

    2. Noah's carries whole wheat hard and soft flours. I'm not sure if the soft flour is a direct substitute for whole wheat pastry flour but it may be worth a quick search to find out.

      good luck!


      1. Any of the natural food stores with bulk departments will have this. I'm in the west end, and go to Qi or Evergreen; Noah's, Big Carrot, and several places in Kensington also routinely stock it.

        1. So far, I like the whole wheat pastry flour sold by Whole Foods. It's their house brand, 360. I find the texture to be very close to all purpose flour- it's very light. I have also tried the Oak Manor brand but will not be using it again - it's still find it too dry. I haven't tried the bulk barn wwpf but would like to, just to compare. The whole foods 360 is a little pricier, the package is small.

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          1. re: budeeez

            Thanks for the detailed comparison, budeez. I had Whole Foods in mind but haven't yet had the time to go. Price is not a concern, as long as the flour is good.

          2. Are you making a robust pastry, like a savoury pie crust, or something soft and delicate, like a puff pastry or sweet shortcrust? For the latter a whole grain product would likely be too heavy, try an unbleached white (it is still a treat, right?)

            As for the shops, Whole Foods or the Big Carrot are the most likely to have helpful staff, and avoid the Bulk Barn or any bulk, unwrapped grain product. I have had two infestations of meal moths, and they are horrible to try and get rid of, you end up throwing out a heap of food. Not worth saving a quarter per kilo.

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            1. re: Ginsugirl

              Ginsugirl, I need the WW pastry flour for cake. Based on recommendations on the Home Cooking board, I bought the King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking cook book which uses whole wheat pastry flour for many recipes.

              The cake recipes I'm focusing on (Devil's Food Cake and Classic Butter Cake) call for both unbleached flour as well as whole wheat pastry flour.

              I also know exactly what you mean about the moth problem. I've found them in my containers (thankfully they were sealed at the time) of whole grains purchased from Bulk Barn. It totally freaked me out to see the moths fluttering inside my jars. Ugh! Then again, you never know. It's possible moths can infest any brand.

              1. re: DishyDiva

                Hi! I was also looking for wholewheat pastry flour.. I ended up buying it online from a website. I got the bob red mill's brand's whole wheat pastry flour. It's awesome