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Aug 5, 2008 12:50 PM

Sticky Rice?

In New York recently we had a yummy pho meal. The definite highlight was the sticky rice. It was perhaps slightly sweet, appropriately sticky with savory chunks of some sort of mild sausage. I'd love to have something similar here in Boston. Any thoughts?

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  1. Was it wrapped in a Banana leaf and steamed? If so most Viet bakeries have it. Quail egg inside too.

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      Of if it doesn't have Quail egg, it might be the other type of sticky rice not wrapped in a leaf. It's usually served in a glass bowl at dim sum, or also at the Vietnamese bakeries in Chniatown. Don't remember the name, but it's definitely a little sweeter than the Lotus leaf wrapped sticky rice.

    2. All of the Dim Sum restaurants in Boston have sticky rice as does Gitlo's in Brighton.

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        ...though I'm sorry to report that at least when we had it at Gitlo's earlier this week, it did not actually seem to have been made with sticky (i.e., glutinous) rice, but with some other short grained rice that was overcooked, separated, hard, and generally just inedible (together with extremely overcooked and untasty shrimps) I have a feeling it had been in a refrigerator and was reheated more than once or something. I like some other things there, but definitely not going to try the rice again! :S

        Super 88 has small containers of sticky rice in their prepared food section (near the freezer cases). It's like what you'd find steamed in leafs, with a few beans and maybe a couple very token little pieces of mushroom and chinese sausage added-- plain but OK, and reasonably priced (under $2) Rice doesn't do well in the fridge, so I'd recommend getting it to be eaten the same day. (I happened to have a change of plans and put it in the fridge, resteaming it in the microwave it with a few drops of water and covered by a wet paper towel, which works OK but isn't fantastic)

      2. Is this a Vietnamese dish? What's described in the other posts sound more like Chinese sticky rice dishes instead.

        At dim sum, the sticky rice is wrapped in lotus leaf and called nor mai gai- contains chinese sausage, mushrooms, a quail egg and chicken. Savory, but would not describe it as sweet. The sticky rice in a dish is called saan chau nor mai fahn, with cuts up bits of sausage, dried shrimp, mushrooms, and scallions. Not baked, but usually shaped into an inverted rice bowl. Both dishes are commonly served at dim sum and sometimes at Chinese bakeries.

        Small banh mi places will sell various snacks, and these sticky rice dishes are usually sweet. I don't know what their names are, but I'd try some of the banh mi places to see if that's what you're looking for. I can't say I see these items in Vietnamese restaurants (but that could just be me).

        1. Thai Moon in Arlington has sticky rice on their menu, but it's served plain, not like what you've described.