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Aug 5, 2008 12:47 PM

Dessert Cookbook of the Month (Sept-Oct) SUGGESTIONS

So our 2 month dessert cookbook period is coming to an end. Now’s the time to post your suggestions, demands, opinions, etc. regarding the next 2-month span (September and October).

As usual, try to keep general chatting to a minimum so that I can find your votes.

I’ll keep this thread up for a week (until TUESDAY, AUGUST 12th) so you’ll have time to think about your choices.

This past month, I cooked a couple of desserts from the New York Times Dessert Cookbook with good results. Didn't have it long enough to really check it out, so this isn't a formal suggestion.

Best, Oakjoan

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  1. I have three suggestions for consideration: THE SWEET LIFE by Kate Zuckerman, DESSERTS BY THE YARD by Sherry Yard, and THE SWEET SPOT by Pichet Ong.

    All three of these would make a good transition from warm months to fall. They all have fruit desserts, ice creams and lots of baked things. All have some standards with interesting ingredients to make them different.

    I think I'd be especially partial to Desserts by the Yard. It has some concord grape desserts which would be awesome for fall. And there is a picture of a banana brulee on page 107 that looks to die for. I have another book by Sherry Yard with basic master recipes and variations and it has been very reliable and great.

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    1. re: karykat

      Really nice post about Ong's book here:

      (This is not a vote. C'est ne pas une pipe.)

      1. re: MMRuth

        Or, as has become popular since Global Warming came on the scene...."Ce n'est past un sac plastique"

        Thanks for the link, it's extremely helpful in sussing out Ong's book.

    2. I'll second THE SWEET LIFE, just because I have it, everything I've made from it so far has been terrific, and there are a lot more recipes I'd love to have an excuse to try.

      1. BAKING FROM MY HOME TO YOURS it has been done but not enough and covers all of the seasons.I made corn muffins last weekend with fresh corn from oour farer's mky. Fab, but cut the amount of sugar in half. Much more to cover in that book.

        1. THE SWEET SPOT by Pichet Ong, please.

          1. The Sweet Spot by Pichet Ong please!!!!

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            1. re: meatn3

              This is beginning to sound like a scene from Oliver Twist...."Please, sir, may I have some more?"

              1. re: oakjoan

                They’re just trying to turn your head with tales of Earl Grey and ginger flavored sweet pleas, Your Honor.

                1. re: yayadave

                  Much as I'd like to believe these blandishments, yayadave, I must protest in this you haven't voted! Or suggested! A dessert cookbook of the month here.

                  1. re: oakjoan

                    Well, I think this one is fine. I don't vote for these things because I haven't participated in this adventure and I'm not sure I would, even if the DCOTM were something famous like THE SWEET SPOT or DEMOLITION DESSERTS. I'm not sure I want to get mixed up with all the really fine, knowledgeable cooks who show up. And that's not a sneaky request to be coaxed, either. Some of the comments I read on "Home Cookin" dazzle me.

                    1. re: yayadave

                      Oh my goodness, YYD. I guess “dazzle” is okay, but that’s just short of “intimidate” and I really hope that’s not the way COTM contributers are viewed. We may be passionate, but I thought, hoped, we were also inclusive. And if we’re not, we need to change and you need to suggest how. I, for one, would LOVE to have you join us. DCOTM or COTM. I’m not coaxing. Well, maybe just a little.

                      1. re: JoanN

                        It's not so much intimidating as it is that I can't imagine people know some of the stuff I read here. Anyway, I think I have "pumpt" Sweet Spot a few times in the past.

                        1. re: yayadave

                          I'm going to echo JoanN's comments - please do join if you are interested. I completely fumbled my way around the Dunlop month (Chinese cookbooks). Most things turned out well, but most of the time I wasn't sure if I had the "right" ingredients, whether or not I was slicing them up properly or not, or whether the results were what they were "supposed" to be or not. I love seeing other people's reports - whether the recipes have worked or not. Don't know if you've followed any of The Dairy Queen's posts on recent COTMs, but she, I think, had not done a lot of focused (for lack of a better word) cooking before and just dove in. Her posts about making the blue eggs, as well as her first Elvis Cake were funny - but no one made fun of her - just tried to figure out what went wrong and how to improve things next time!

                 (Well, I saw that you posted on this - but will link anyway.


                          I'd say about 1/3 of the baking I've done from COTM books has been a total failure!

                          1. re: MMRuth

                            Of course no one "makes fun" on these boards. Chowhound would not be so successful if that happened.

                            DC doesn't get a lot of ego involved in her posts, so she can laugh through the puzzlement. That's a good way to approach new recipes and styles of cooking. The Sweet Spot is certainly new takes on old recipes, in many cases.