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cake/pastry advice please!

I need to get a small cake, cupcake or nice pastry for someone special on Friday night to celebrate a b'day.
It would need to be something that can survive no refrigeration for several (6 +) hours. I'll be coming in to Port Authority mid-afternoon and ending up in the low 30s, east side, but am willing to travel a little out of my way.

I have searched and perused the boards for the best places for cupcakes and people seem to like Crumbs for the most part. 2 Red Hens seems to get raves as well. But I am open to any suggestions.
Doesn't have to be a cake or cupcake. The recipient loves tarts & other goodies, so anything I can stick a candle in should work.

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  1. I don't like Crumbs at all.
    I would recommend 2 Little Red Hens--it even has some mini cakes that would be pretty. I've gotten cupcakes from there for past birthdays. I also like Billy's for cupcakes and other treats. That said, I'm guessing that the icing on either a Billy's or an Amy's cupcake will melt after 6+ hours w/o refrigeration (esp if that's w/o air conditioning as well).

    1. Whatever you do, do NOT get a Crumbs cupcake (unless you have tried them before and are sure they are what you want).

      1. billy's bakery: http://www.billysbakerynyc.com/. their cakes stay on the counter with no refrigeration, so it should keep, but they also deliver...

        1. try Blackhound. they've got small cakes and they're great. My favorite is the giftbox cake.

          1. Thanks all.....I'll avoid Crumbs. Going to figure out between 2 Hens and Billy's which would be easier to get to.

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              My preference between 2 Hens and Billy's is for 2 Hens. It sounds like you don't have a car and will be relying on buses/subways/cabs. If taking subways, from Port Authority, I would just take the Shuttle train to Grand Central, change for the 4 or 5 train and take it one stop to 86th Street to go to 2 Hens. Then you can take the 6 train downtown to 33rd Street to be at your destination.

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                86th st is actually 2 stops from Grand Central (59th, then 86th) on the 4 or 5 train.

                On the subject of Grand Central, has anyone tried the pastries or cakes at the Corrado Bread & Pastry shop in the Grand Central Market?

                There is a picture of the treats at their 70th st & Lexington branch here (click on "Desserts" on the lower left, then on ".Cakes" or ".Individual Deserts"):


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                  Corrado - I had a slice of some kind of torte and an espresso at their Lexington branch at 89th or so, and didn't enjoy either. Espresso was just bad and I don't remember what I didn't like about the torte, but left most of it.

            2. I would like to possibly suggest one other thing. I have not been to 2 Little Red Hens, but I hear they are great. I know MANY will strongly disagree but I don not think Billy's cupcakes are anything special. Definitely way better than Crumb's but they are IMO they are dry. So if you want something that will hold up in the heat how about a small delicious pie from Little Pie Company http://www.littlepiecompany.com

              1. Thanks, Miss Needle, for those directions and thank you misnatalie for the pie suggestion. That may well be a hit.
                Perhaps I will take the shuttle to Grand Central, check out the Little Pie Co. and if I don't find something there will head up to 2 Hens.
                Thanks again for the suggestions, I am looking forward to doing this! :-)

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                  Poptart, I will STRONGLY suggest not going to the Little Pie Company in Grand Central. You are much better off going to the one in Hell's Kitchen. You can walk to the Hell's Kitchen location from Port Authority.

                  1. re: Miss Needle

                    Thanks for that advice...I'll avoid Grand Central then. One more question if you don't mind:
                    Does 2 Little Hens sell small cakes? It would only be for 2 people. And do you have any particular favorites there?

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                      Yes, 2 hens has a cake size that would be perfect for two people. And my favorite is the blackout -- fudgey, moist, rich, not to sweet. I love it so much that it was my wedding cake. If you're not a chocolate fan, the carrot cake and red velvet is very good as well.

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                        I did a taste test of the chocolate and red velvet cupcakes, but I wasn't thrilled with the red velvet one, as I recall. I threw out most of it. The coconut one was my favorite.

                        1. re: MMRuth

                          As I'm not the largest coconut fan, I haven't tried it. My favorite Red Velvet is from Mitchel London. They are super moist and flavorful.

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                            I was in there last night - didn't buy anything - but could not believe how incredibly beautiful the small decorated cakes where. Several options, each with just delightful looking flowers adorning them - reminded me of very tasteful bouquets from an upscale florist. I was in awe, and I know where my birthday cake is coming from next year - just perfect for the two of us.

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                              I'm assuming you're talking about 2 Red Hens. Yes, they definitely do have some talent with the decorations. I know a lot of hounds prefer the larger flowers that Cupcake Cafe does, but I like the delicate looking flowers. My wedding cake was the blackout cake (sans crumbs) with a vine of tiny pink cherry blossoms. And it tasted good!

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                                Yes - I did mean 2 Red Hens - thanks. They had one with tulips that was v. pretty, but my favorite was blue and white.

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                      Stick with the pies at Little Pie Co (cakes and cupcakes are mediocre) and hit the Hell's Kitchen Branch as Miss Needle suggests. I also strongly endorse the 2 Little Red Hens rec -- the Brooklyn blackout is divine.

                    3. Not a new or trendy place, it's been there 100 years but I love Veniero's 342 East 11th St EV. Classic Italian Pastries and Cakes. You can get cake by the slice, bet many of the varieties would hold up. Oldies can be goodies! http://www.venierospastry.com

                      1. Thanks for the advice..several good options but of course, it's NY!