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Aug 5, 2008 12:45 PM

cake/pastry advice please!

I need to get a small cake, cupcake or nice pastry for someone special on Friday night to celebrate a b'day.
It would need to be something that can survive no refrigeration for several (6 +) hours. I'll be coming in to Port Authority mid-afternoon and ending up in the low 30s, east side, but am willing to travel a little out of my way.

I have searched and perused the boards for the best places for cupcakes and people seem to like Crumbs for the most part. 2 Red Hens seems to get raves as well. But I am open to any suggestions.
Doesn't have to be a cake or cupcake. The recipient loves tarts & other goodies, so anything I can stick a candle in should work.

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  1. I don't like Crumbs at all.
    I would recommend 2 Little Red Hens--it even has some mini cakes that would be pretty. I've gotten cupcakes from there for past birthdays. I also like Billy's for cupcakes and other treats. That said, I'm guessing that the icing on either a Billy's or an Amy's cupcake will melt after 6+ hours w/o refrigeration (esp if that's w/o air conditioning as well).

    1. Whatever you do, do NOT get a Crumbs cupcake (unless you have tried them before and are sure they are what you want).

      1. billy's bakery: their cakes stay on the counter with no refrigeration, so it should keep, but they also deliver...

        1. try Blackhound. they've got small cakes and they're great. My favorite is the giftbox cake.

          1. Thanks all.....I'll avoid Crumbs. Going to figure out between 2 Hens and Billy's which would be easier to get to.

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              My preference between 2 Hens and Billy's is for 2 Hens. It sounds like you don't have a car and will be relying on buses/subways/cabs. If taking subways, from Port Authority, I would just take the Shuttle train to Grand Central, change for the 4 or 5 train and take it one stop to 86th Street to go to 2 Hens. Then you can take the 6 train downtown to 33rd Street to be at your destination.

              1. re: Miss Needle

                86th st is actually 2 stops from Grand Central (59th, then 86th) on the 4 or 5 train.

                On the subject of Grand Central, has anyone tried the pastries or cakes at the Corrado Bread & Pastry shop in the Grand Central Market?

                There is a picture of the treats at their 70th st & Lexington branch here (click on "Desserts" on the lower left, then on ".Cakes" or ".Individual Deserts"):


                1. re: racer x

                  Corrado - I had a slice of some kind of torte and an espresso at their Lexington branch at 89th or so, and didn't enjoy either. Espresso was just bad and I don't remember what I didn't like about the torte, but left most of it.