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Aug 5, 2008 11:58 AM

Michaels Miami Pre Fixe

I went with a group of four on Sunday night and three of us had the pre fixe and the other ordered a la carte. I didn't go to dinner thinking I was going to order the pre fixe, but the choices looked pretty good so that's what I ended up trying. The apps were a choice of House Salad, Salmon Rilette and Country Style Pate. The mains were a choice of Pizza, Wagyu Flat Iron Steak and Trigger Fish. Desserts were a choice of Cremoso or Peaches with Blueberry Cobbler Ice Cream. I had the pate, the fish and the peaches and was generally happy with my choice. The pate was very tasty, but the grilled bread that came with it tasted burnt so I went with the regular bread instead. The fish was a real hit as I usually throw triggers back when I am fishing and consider them trash fish. I was very wrong and it was firm, white meat similar to Turbot. I will not throw them back anymore and will try to cook a filet the next time I catch one. The peach dessert was also really good and a refreshing break from my usual Cremoso order. At $35, it was a decent deal if you typically order a dessert course per person. The are offering this Sunday-Thursday for dinner and Monday-Thursday for Lunch. I think the lunch price is $25, but I'm not sure.

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  1. The great thing about his Non-Spice prix fixe menu is that it changes. Last night I had a refreshing swordfish salad to start followed by a fregola risotto to die for. It was so rich and creamy!! We finished with the peaches with blueberry ice cream. Our waiter was very helpful in explaining our dining options.

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      I ate there last night as well but I went for the regular menu. I hadnt had my fix of the 2x yolk egg in a few weeks and it was awesome as usual. I did, however, like the fact that I was presented w/ the pre fixe menu upon arrival. Cool that it changes from time to time too.

    2. Tried the prix fixe menu at Michael's last night and thought it was a freakin' steal! Only difference from scscr's menu were a pumpkin swordfish salad instead of the rilette, wahoo insted of triggerfish, and a chocolate peanut butter sundae instead of the cremoso. I agree with the grilled bread, it always has a smoky, burned flavor that I don't like but think it's a matter of preference because my girlfriend enjoys it. The swordfish salad seemed was prepared like a tuna salad sans mayo and much fresher tasting. The wahoo was good as was the wagyu steak. Only dis I really have is on the dessert. The peanut butter sundae was good but the peaches lacked something. The peaches I got were slightly underripe and I think would've been better had they been grilled (a la the grilled bread) or sauteed in some butter (I'd prefer the former, but wouldn't complain if it were the latter) just to make them easier to eat. I had to use the spoon as a knife and hold out my other had to avoid the peach flying out of the bowl after cutting through it. The dessert itself was tastly and light (especially relative to the sundae). We'd brought a bottle of wine before we even knew about the pre fixe menu (I usually wouldn't bring a bottle if we're going to be ordering a special like this or Miami Spice) but the waiter didn't even blink an eye when he saw it and brought us glasses. Service was spot on as usual and we were able to walk in at 7:30 and get a table (though I'd reserved at 8:15 as a backup) so maybe August is the time for locals to be able to walk in and get a table at our "local" joint.

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        How much is the corkage? That sounds like a good option since I'm not crazy about their wine list.

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          If you like Pinot Noir, they carry Cloudline which is one of my favorites and priced well at $38 (I usually pay $17.99 retail at the grocery store)

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            Next time I go, I will defiinitely give it a try. Thanks!