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Aug 5, 2008 11:57 AM

First time in Myrtle Beach rec's

I'm headed down to myrtle beach from boston this upcoming weekend and i'll have some time to kill so i'm looking for a great lunch and dinner spot that really showcases the local food. any suggestions? oh, and the restaurant can't only have seafood and i'd prefer it not to be on the extreme expensive end of things.

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  1. what area of myrtle beach are you going to be in and are you willing to drive? Please advise.

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      as of now i have no plans and am willing to go anywhere

    2. hi, karl. go to the sea captains house on north ocean boulevard for lunch...great view and very local...crabcakes, etc. for are a few suggestions...rossi's for mixed cuisine with italian fare...owned by locals...if you want to drive to murrells inlet, go to Bovines...again, great view. If you want real local a seafood platter, head to Lees Inlet Kitchen in Murrells Inlet...been around for a long time. Hope you enjoy your stay...