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Aug 5, 2008 11:39 AM

Insider Tips for Triangle?

any cool "insider" tips for your favorite spots in the Triangle region? For example both Mura and Waraji have fantastic rolls that aren't on the regular menu; only the "insiders" get to know about them

Waraji has the Scary Jerry (among others), Mura has the Screaming O & that awesome fresh wasabi

Taverna Agora whips up a fabulous sauteed Shrimp with Tomato & Feta but only if you ask for it....

What other treats am I missing out on in the Triangle region simply because they aren't on the menu?

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  1. Asuka (in Morrisville) also has fresh wasabi. Don't know if they have it all the time, but the first time I had it, the waiter suggested it. Next time I went, I asked and they had it. I don't think it was on the menu. I will have to try it at Mura also.

    So what's in a Scary Jerry? a screaming O?

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      Fortune Palace (and a few other Chinese places) has a "secret" menu with more authentic dishes than the standard fare of General Tso's chicken

      This is a great topic to start!

      1. re: Tom from Raleigh

        It's not really "secret" in the sense that you have to be some kind of insider. You just have to tell them that you don't want the buffet. Asking for the traditional menu at a number of local Chinese restaurants yields a much better meal than average.

      2. re: ncn8tive

        I haven't had the Scary Jerry, but the Screaming O is tempura shrimp, tuna, and a really tasty creamy sauce. Someone far more knowledgeable than me can describe it better, I'm sure - I just know that I love it.

        1. re: blewgo

          ah, yes doner kabob....lived on it for 3 days in Turkey simply could not get enough of it. Disappointing to drive to Cary for doner on a Saturday only to be told "come back tomorrow" Kind of like getting "the check's in the mail" response

          good to reaffirm that Sunday's the day for doner...

          Do you think that they will ever get a license and start to import raki?

          1. re: chicaraleigh

            I kind of doubt they will get a liquor licence. They've been open for a few years without one and seem to get pretty good crowds.

            I'd call them in advance on Sundays to make sure they have doner. It isn't always available at lunch. Sunday evening can be entertaining as it's usually populated by a bunch of fun loving Turks. There might even be live music.