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Fried Clams on Cape Cod

Who's serving the best fried clams on Cape Cod this year? Thanks.

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  1. Which part are you interested in? My favorite is Friendly Fisherman in N. Eastham.

    1. I have to be honest, I try and stay away but a few good places include:

      Kreme and Kone in West Dennis and as said before, Friendly Fisherman in Eastham. My child's friend LOVES JT's in Brewster. Skip Capt. Frosty in Dennis. Tiny portions.

      1. Cooke's (Mashpee and Hyannis...NOT Orleans) is tops. Sir Crickets in Orleans is very good.Marathon in West Dennis has the best coating. Sesuit Cafe in East Dennis wins for combination food and view (picnic tables on the jetty). IMHO Kreme and Kone is overrated. Agree with avoiding Capt. Frosty's. Would add Baxters and Tugboats in Hyannis to the avoid list. JT's in Brewster has droppped in quality since new owners took over last year. Used to be terrific.

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          Agreed about JT's. We were devotees last year, this year went back at the start of the season and were very disappointed. We have been getting our fried clam fix at Sir Crickets and Kreme and Kone this summer.

        2. I had some delicious fried clams at Arnold's in Eastham a few months ago.

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            I second Arnold's.Just got back last week and I had clams there three times, including take-out (My kids are hooked and not adventurous to try new places). They never missed a beat. Clean oil, light batter, sweet,sweet,sweet clams.

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                I'll 4th Arnolds. I like the clams there better than Cooke's or Sir Crickets (which is my choice for fried scallops-OMG, so sweet). And get the onion rings at Arnold's too---thin, sweet/salty, crispy...addictive.

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                  I hit Arnold's Lobster & Clam Bar last weekend. The fried clams were nicely cooked but slightly more "funky" than fried clams I had at Clancy's (Clancy's Fish & Chips & Beach on Lower County Rd, Dennis Port) the week before. Another beef with Arnold's was their tartar sauce, made with what seemed to be miracle whip or some other faux mayo. Some of the worst tartar sauce I've had in long while. I'd hit Clancy's before I drove down to Arnold's. Another Clancy's bonus is that Sundae School's just down Lower County Road a bit!

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                    Yeah, I never saw what all the fuss was about Arnold's. Long lines, not so great seafood. Next time your in the Eastham area, check out the Friendly Fisherman in N. Eastham. Small window and tables on the side of their fish market. Really great....although sometimes lacking in salt. Don't, however, EVER get their chowder.....gummy oldly colored concoction which I simply can't believe they serve......

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                      +1 skip Arnold's for Friendly Fisherman. A fisherman's platter at around $32 feeds two......twice!

          2. Cooke's in Hyannis or Mashpee

            1. I just came back from the cape yesterday. I first tried to get fried clams at The Original Seafood Restaurant in Dennisport (route 28) but they didn't have any! Can you believe that!

              Then we went to Kream N' Kone in Dennisport (also on route 28) and we couldn't even get into the restaurant - it was so crowded. There were no parking spaces and tons of people.

              We had fried clams at the Weatherdeck in Dennisport (route 28 again). They were totally delicious. There are pics of my meal on my blog. It isn't as nice inside the Weatherdeck as the Kream N' Kone, but the food is good.

              Later in the week we went to Kream N' Kone before the lunch rush. I didn't get the clams - a clam platter in either place is about $22 - I got scallops and hubby got haddock. They were good. Nice atmosphere. But I thought the food was slightly better at the Weatherdeck.

              We had our anniversary dinner at the Oyster Company in Dennisport (just off route 28) and they also have fried clams. Their food was top-notch and the atmosphere was really nice. I liked it there. I will do a review with pics on this board as soon as I get around to it! Here's their site: http://theoystercompany.com/


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                Try Val's in Holden MA for a heaping pile of the best clams around.

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                  Holden is 120 miles from Cape Cod, n'est pas?

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                    I live not too far from Val's. Maybe I'll try them and report.

                    They are definitely not on the cape!

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                      Yeah, I live in Holden and used to live on the Cape, I'm a huge fan of Cookes clams, Vals is nice, but I had never even seen the clams on the menu. That being said, everything I have ever had there has been pretty good.....

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                    We went to The Oyster Company, Dennisport, last Saturday night. Arrived early, four in our party. Three had the Cod special, excellent to one and all. I had Swordfish, not good. It was a thin slice and lacked that "fresh" taste. I wish I had the fried clams. They looked great on my neighbor's table. Although the place was less then half full, an air conditioner was blowing away on high and it was cold and uncomfortable. Everyone was eating with coats on. I told the wait person and they shut it off for a short while. At the end of our meal the place was packed. A table near us had a number of noisy children which is the luck of the draw, surely nothing to complain about in a restaurant such as this. But, one of the younger kids began a high pitched ear piercing shriek and the parent (I assume) did nothing. The restaurant has a serious noise problem as it is. We were glad we were leaving. But one thing was odd - the place is now jammed with dinners and the AC was off. It will be a hard decision to make to return with The Ocean House a short walk down the street.

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                      I was unimpressed with the Oyster Company during my two visits there last summer, although I had hopes that things had improved with some shake up with the ownership. I guess not, however. Too bad. I don't understand the popularity.

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                        We have been quite satisfied with The Oyster Company. Comparing it with Ocean House is like comparing apples and oranges--Ocean House has a more varied menu.

                    2. Does anyone remember Lindsay's Fried Clams??? I assume it is no more????

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                        I drove my Lindsay's in Buzzard's Bay recently. I too had a horrid noise issue my one and only time at the Oyster Company and it was the owner's kids. They ran back and forth our entire dinner. We had to move and it was still annoying. With the 3 course 25 menu at Ocean House, it's truly a no brainer.

                        1. re: phelana

                          What a joy Lindsay's has always been for me. As a kid I played with Buzzy in his back yard all the time. Ma & Pa Lindsay would always send out their magical containers of yummies - oysters, clams and scollops. Ma & Pa Lindsay were kind and gentle people. Ma Lindsay lived well into her nineties. What great memories. Buzzy did a wonderful job expanding the restaurant and keeping the quality dependably even. Hands down, it's always been the best fried clams in my opinion. Buzzy's untimely death was tragic. Still his wife continues the formula of success - that makes me happy. It's a must stop every few months just for the memories. ---- I agree with all on The Oyster Company. Noise and climate control are out of control. There are too many good options in the immediate neighborhood to care to return.

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                            I assume you mean the Ocean House, but are there other places in Dennispot, West Harwich that are worth trying?

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                              I know George's Fish Market on the corner of Rt 28 and Kildee Rd in Harwichport does great fish and chips (to go), but not sure if they do fried clams. Does anyone know?

                              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                I meant Oyster House - too much noise & can't control temp. I was trying to slip in my shared opinion with jillian who's comment is just above those on Lindsay's fried clams. My mistake. I should not have mixed subjects.

                                1. re: Afar

                                  I understood your reasons for not liking the Oyster Company but you ended your post saying..."There are too many good options in the immediate neighborhood to care to return." I was just wondering what else in the neighborhood do you like, except for the obvious possibility of The Ocean House?

                                  1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                    Two places were in my mind at the time: (1.) Ebb Tide which I think is a very comfortable place, highly professional in its approach to service, excellent presentation of food, and its always been a pleasure to dine there. (2.) Wee Packet.

                                    1. re: Afar

                                      I just had a chat with a local native Cape Cod gal. I have not been to Wee Packet in oh maybe 20 years. She said it's so so but that's her opinion. I never knew it to be great eats but Afar may be on to something I need to try. The Ebb Tide is where my Mom's geri crew used to go 20 years ago..it's good?

                                      1. re: phelana

                                        I was wondering the same thing as I haven't been, nor heard of anyone going, to either place in many, many moons! Tell us more Afar!

                                        1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                          Ebb Tide is a long time family affair, like Lindsey's in Buzzards Bay. Ol' timers that favor it consider it a necessity in their life. It can be pricey but they understand what serving the highest quality food is about. Note I did not elaborate on Wee Packet. It's for quick eats, definitely not great eats. I'd rather it then the noise and prices at Oyster House.

                              2. re: Afar

                                This is best seafood restaurant on the cape if your looking for fresh food and good price no tips required and overlooks the ocean . Oysters and clams are outstanding as are their lobster rolls which are 8.95 to 9.95 and chock full of lobster They also have coconut shrimp 8.95-9.95 and you get 9 jumbo shrimp with choice of rice or fries on all their dishes .Their cook jacirio is the best looks just like manny of the Boston Red Soxs .They also sell lobsters and a complete line of fresh fish . Prices are lower to average .The next best seafood restaurant to them is cooks in Mashpee . I just ate at Sir Crikettes today and eastwind by far is much fresher and tastier . They are open in the winter also .

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                                  Sorry cooky571, you lost me. Are you recommending a restaurant called Eastwind? Where is it? Is it year-round?

                                  1. re: seaville

                                    Eastwind is a fish market with a fryalator in Buzzards Bay. It's okay, but wouldn't say it's any better than Sir Crickets and a definate step down from Cooke's (Mashpee or Hyannis).

                                    Sorry, but I'm always a bit sceptical of a first time poster who's glowing first and only post reads like a radio commercial.

                                    1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                      Update: I was in the area yesterday around lunchtime, so I stooped in to Eastwind in Buzz. Bay. Hadn't had any fried clams since the summer so I said "what the heck". They were actually quite good and a bargain at $12.99 for a plate with fries and decent home-made slaw. Even the tartar sauce appeared to be house made and was excellent. Only real complaint is that the bellies were rather tiny, but I find that to be hit or miss wherever one goes. It's been a few years since I had tried this place and it appears to be under different ownership. Much cleaner than the past. I saw decent looking lobster rolls and fish and chips coming over the counter as well. Picked up some Maine Shrimp to go when I heard the proprietor say they had just come in that morning. Super fresh, sweet and delicious and priced fairly at only $6.99 per pound, cleaned and shelled.

                                      1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                        Just in time.
                                        I might be driving by on Sunday.

                                        1. re: CapeCodGuy

                                          Thanks sounds good espically in the winter getting good fried clams I will give it a try. In RI there is a place called Flo's at best its horrible/sucky. Thanks for the tip

                                      2. re: seaville

                                        Yes eastwind lobster best freshness seafood on beginning of cape in buzzatds bay right on brig before rotary and in Plymouth.mass woods is by far the best in town ask for lightly fried and you will ha e the best seafood and reasonable prices worth the trip harwich braxtons is the best lobster roll is huge and tasty wareham mass cool one large portions good prices again ask for lightly fried

                                        1. re: cooky571

                                          You were on a good roll, albeit sans puncuation, until you mentioned Brax and "best" in the same sentence.

                              3. There are so many nods to Cooke's here, I thought I'd tell my "Cooke's and the tourist" story. One Saturday evening, different groups from my family met at Cooke's in Mashpee after 4:30 mass at "the Vatican." A group of summer visitors made up of several families was also waiting in line in front of us. It seems that someone local had told them that Cooke's was the best family place for fried seafood, but one of the men was obviously huffy about the lack of elegance.

                                So, he convinced the rest of his group to leave and eat elsewhere. They crossed the parking lot....and went to the Ninety-Nine.

                                What a you-know-what. We didn't even try to try him that they'd already made the best choice.

                                1. 2013 Update: Against my better judgement, tried Kream 'n Kone in West Dennis…be afraid. The clams had an off taste, with a decidedly chemical aftertaste. One clam was so far past its prime, I spit it out. The slaw tasted like it had been in the walk-in a tad too long. An altogether unpleasant experience.

                                  Contrasting that was perhaps the best fried clams I've ever had on the Cape and certainly the best since my plate at Clancy’s on Upper County before the place was sold. I was told not to bother these days…Anyway, on a lark, we tried the We Packet, a holdover from the post war period when Lower County was decidedly more down home than today. Man, what an outstanding pile of bivalves! (whole, not strips) Absolutely delish, and the slaw was fresh & good as well. Will be going back for oysters, etc.

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                                    Wow, haven't been the the Wee Packet in two decades. Thanks for the tip. Next visit, give Marathon Seafood (my fave) a try in Bass River on 28. The original owners, who must now be in their 80s, still put out the best, fresh and crispiest clams on the Cape.