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Aug 5, 2008 11:23 AM

Fried Clams on Cape Cod

Who's serving the best fried clams on Cape Cod this year? Thanks.

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  1. Which part are you interested in? My favorite is Friendly Fisherman in N. Eastham.

    1. I have to be honest, I try and stay away but a few good places include:

      Kreme and Kone in West Dennis and as said before, Friendly Fisherman in Eastham. My child's friend LOVES JT's in Brewster. Skip Capt. Frosty in Dennis. Tiny portions.

      1. Cooke's (Mashpee and Hyannis...NOT Orleans) is tops. Sir Crickets in Orleans is very good.Marathon in West Dennis has the best coating. Sesuit Cafe in East Dennis wins for combination food and view (picnic tables on the jetty). IMHO Kreme and Kone is overrated. Agree with avoiding Capt. Frosty's. Would add Baxters and Tugboats in Hyannis to the avoid list. JT's in Brewster has droppped in quality since new owners took over last year. Used to be terrific.

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        1. re: CapeCodGuy

          Agreed about JT's. We were devotees last year, this year went back at the start of the season and were very disappointed. We have been getting our fried clam fix at Sir Crickets and Kreme and Kone this summer.

        2. I had some delicious fried clams at Arnold's in Eastham a few months ago.

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          1. re: abs294

            I second Arnold's.Just got back last week and I had clams there three times, including take-out (My kids are hooked and not adventurous to try new places). They never missed a beat. Clean oil, light batter, sweet,sweet,sweet clams.

              1. re: biga290

                I'll 4th Arnolds. I like the clams there better than Cooke's or Sir Crickets (which is my choice for fried scallops-OMG, so sweet). And get the onion rings at Arnold's too---thin, sweet/salty, crispy...addictive.

                1. re: BlueSoup

                  I hit Arnold's Lobster & Clam Bar last weekend. The fried clams were nicely cooked but slightly more "funky" than fried clams I had at Clancy's (Clancy's Fish & Chips & Beach on Lower County Rd, Dennis Port) the week before. Another beef with Arnold's was their tartar sauce, made with what seemed to be miracle whip or some other faux mayo. Some of the worst tartar sauce I've had in long while. I'd hit Clancy's before I drove down to Arnold's. Another Clancy's bonus is that Sundae School's just down Lower County Road a bit!

                  1. re: omasciarotte

                    Yeah, I never saw what all the fuss was about Arnold's. Long lines, not so great seafood. Next time your in the Eastham area, check out the Friendly Fisherman in N. Eastham. Small window and tables on the side of their fish market. Really great....although sometimes lacking in salt. Don't, however, EVER get their chowder.....gummy oldly colored concoction which I simply can't believe they serve......

                    1. re: Science Chick

                      +1 skip Arnold's for Friendly Fisherman. A fisherman's platter at around $32 feeds two......twice!

          2. Cooke's in Hyannis or Mashpee