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Aug 5, 2008 10:30 AM

Oak Bluffs Restaurants

Hello. My fiance and I will be on the Vineyard next week. I've been once in the past and was wondering if anyone can recommend some great restaurants that aren't real expensive. I know that probably isn't possible but any recommendations at all will be greatly appreciated!! It can actually be any place on the Vineyard. We'll be renting a moped one day so lunch ideas in other areas besides OB are welcomed!!

Thanks so much!

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  1. In Oak Bluffs....Not too expensive.... and assuming you want good food.....

    Slice of Life is great. Right on Circuit Avenue. (Sharky's has been mentioned on this board and is just up the street but is not really that great and is always wildly crowded. Just average Mexican food. )

    There are many places in Oak Bluffs to eat things like lobster rolls, fish and chips, and high end meals with all kinds of complex ingredients, but the honest truth is, most of them cater to the tourists and are not really known for the quality of the food. If you were willing to spend a lot of $$, I could add some suggestions in Oak Bluffs, but I am mindful of your request regarding the cost.

    I'd like to recommend the Art Cliff Diner and The Net Result in Vineyard Haven which you can get to on the VTA (do you really need to go the moped route?) . They both offer fresh food at decent prices. No booze....And really only breakfast and lunch but you can do an early take out dinner from the Net Result. (All meals there are take out but they have benches outside- nothing too delightful in terms of ambiance but you won't care as the meal will be so good.)

    Among the Flowers Cafe in Edgartown is another choice. Morning Glory Farm, also in Edgartown, would be another option for great picnic food. So fresh and good.

    There are a few other places that are "cheap" on MV but I personally cannot recommend them although I have been to all of them.

    I can also recommend the Farmer's Market in West Tisbury which you can get to on your moped (or the VTA). Some great local items...pies, spring rolls, sesame noodles...pack a picnic and go to the beach.

    Have fun.

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      Wow - thank you for the recommendations. I'm definitely trying The Net Result. The Farmers Market sounds like fun too.

      Thanks again!!

    2. I was there over the 4th and someone on this board recommended hitting Grace Church in Vineyard Haven on Friday afternoon (btw 4:30 and 7:30pm) for a lobster roll and it was top on my list of favorite things from the trip. You need cash, but $13 will get you a Lobster roll overflowing with sweet lobster meat, a bag of chips and a drink. You can take it to go and eat by the water. You really can't beat it.

      We arrived on a late ferry on our first night there and not many restaurants in OB were still serving but we ended up at Balance. It was a fun bar scene when we arrived at 10:30pm but we were able to order from the bar menu and the chowder was some of the best I've ever had.

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        Great suggestions. Those lobster rolls are tops. And many restaurants in Oak Bluffs have bar menus which make things more affordable. Balance is a fun, trendy place with a great bar scene. Oak Bluffs really can be exciting and crazy, especially this time of year, but there are a lot of overpriced tourist traps which serve pretty standard fare prepared with no imagination at all. One other thought for the person on a budget in Oak Bluffs might be Offshore Ale, which is a popular year round destination with standard pub food. It's all more expensive on the just have to accept it and have a lot of fun while you enjoy the natural beauty all around you.

      2. Try The Fat on Skinnys, there sandwhiches are great. Also if you like shellfish, give Larsans a try.