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Aug 5, 2008 10:28 AM

CC Pizza?: East of Broad, North of Christian, South of Girard

I am completely fed up with pizza options in Center City, specifically east of Broad. It's either undercooked, over cooked, bland, a day old, soggy, bleh. Places that used to be pretty good have lost their touch. Soho Pizza, Margaritas, Gianfranco, Mike's, Plaza Pizza, etc. I am at a loss. I know NYPD pizza delivers to the area (haven't had it) and Lorenzo's is a staple in south Philly but If I am going to get a pizza in this little grid, where should I go and why?

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  1. I hear you. Lorenzos is actually in your grid (South between 3rd and 4th) so that is East of Broad and North of Christian. I think it's the best. Michael's is really good too on 11th Street in between Spruce and Locust.

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      Michael's closed. It's now a Gianfranco's. Though it's off your grid, Slice delivers.

    2. Lorenzo's is in the grid, but the S. Philly staple is at 9th and Christian