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Aug 5, 2008 10:25 AM

Dinner in Virginia Beach

Hi there - going to VA Beach this weekend.
I have read to steer clear of the beach restaurants, but...are there any
Italian Restaurant on the beach that is good and reasonable.
And what about Seafood restaurants, same - good and reasonable and on the beach.
We have been to Chicks and like it, but it is about 20 min away from our hotel.
Staying at the la quinta on Pacific. Also, the seafood restaurant must have steamed snow crab legs.


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  1. I am probably too late..sorry. From the La Quinta you are very close to very good, tradtional steamed & fried seafod at SurfRider on Laskin Rd. For Italian IL Giardino on 11th or 9th St & Atlantic is good. Also Pasta e Pani & Aldo's at Hilltop further up Laskin Rd...oh, & Tautog's at the beach for seafood...24th St maybe?

    1. Although it is not ocean front, Bella Monte is a good Italian restaurant on Laskin Road. They not only serve great food, but there is a wonderful deli, wine selection , and gift shop there. Prices are moderate and everything is not smothered in marinara sauce.