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Aug 5, 2008 09:59 AM

anyone Been to the Strawbale Cafe in Westhampton or the Foothills Grill in Huntington?

It figures that two days after I'm in the Berkshires I read about a couple of dining spots there that I want to try. Both the the Strawbale Cafe in Westhampton and the Foothills Grill in Huntington look like interesting places. Has anyone been? Are they worth checking out the next time I'm in the area?

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  1. Never heard of either and I live here. Anyone??

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    1. re: Big Fat Moe

      Those are both towns in Long Island NY. I thinks he's on the wrong board.

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        Haha, no, these are indeed two towns in the eastern part of the Berkshires. Here are links to the restaurants:

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          There certainly are two towns with those names on L.I., NY
          But there are two towns in MA with those same names!
          Not to be chagrined, most people in Taxachusetts couldn't find them on a map let alone heard of them!


          1. re: Harp00n

            I'm not chagrined at all. Heck it takes more than that to "chagrin" me.
            I have lived in Southern VT for 36 yrs and i never heard of those 2 towns in MA before.

            1. re: RichK

              "Heck it takes more than that to "chagrin" me."

              RichK, spoken like a true fellow-traveler in matrimonial bliss!


      2. Yes - Foothills Grill is in Huntington, one of the hilltowns - not the Berkshires and no, they don't mean Long Island's Huntington - that's a whole other story! Foothills is a small diner style place that serves bkfst and lunch (closes around 2 and is closed in July and August on weekends). Run by a father and son. Father a little grumpy seeming, maybe he prefers locals and it is certainly a locals only crowd. Waitress very nice. We had good pancakes for bkfst one morning and I even was able to get a veggie burger for lunch (harder than one would think in some of these very small towns). The (real) burgers looked good and a nice touch is that they serve their sandwiches on homemade bread which was a honey wheat the day we went for lunch. My husband had a standard egg salad sandwich (mucho mayo - butter and mayo seem to be central in many of the hilltown bkfst/lunch places we've been to) but the homemade bread lifted it up several notches.
        Pleasantly surprised by another Huntington place - I believe it's called 4 Main or Main Street. We went for dinner and had an excellent crab cake appetizer (sauteed, not fried and real crab meat, little or no filler) and hubby (the meat-eater) had good prime rib. I had a perfectly well made piece of salmon and it was served rare as I requested. Also - great drinks and lovely service. Try their homemade desserts by Sister's confection - they offer a few every night - YUM. They are closed Monday and Tuesday.

        We have a place in Worthington (very small & lovely town imho, but haven't found any food yet -we're new to area) and Huntington is probably the closest for a meal out. Actually, tried the Worthington golf club restaurant - sorry to report it was awful. We had a gloppy appetizer of some little shrimps with what tasted like commercial duck sauce - and I had an over-fried crabcake with mush posing as crab. We do go to Florence, outside of Northampton to Sidestreet Cafe and have had great meals there - the best we've had that's less than an hour from where our home is. Sidestreet is a gem.

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          Oops! Foothill closed on SUNDAYS in summer - not weekends.

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            We go blueberry-picking in Worthington - the Running Fox Farm is absolutely wonderful and so is the drive from Northampton.

          2. I don't know if anyone ever followed up on the Strawbale cafe, but there was a write up about it in the Daily Hampshire Gazette a year or so ago and it looks very intriguing. Here Is their website. Maybe my husband and I will drive down this weekend, although sugar season might not be the best time to go. Most of the sugar shacks are so packed that I think you must need to get there at 7am!