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Baltimore Fish Market


So, I've been looking for a good source to buy seafood in Baltimore. I don't know if I've just been spoiled growing up on the shore in New England or what, but so far I've been unimpressed by the fishmongers I've been to. So, I'm asking where you go to get fresh fish and shellfish.


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  1. Faidley's in Lexington Market. In the suburbs, H-Mart in Catonsville has a decent fish section. There are also good fish markets in Jessup and Towson, but the names escape me a the moment.

    1. I haven't actually been myself, but Catonsville Gourmet advertises on their website that they sell fresh seafood. I believe their web address is catonsvillegourmet.com. FoiGras

      1. I buy almost all my seafood at Nick's in the Cross Street Market. These guys have a good selection and are always helpful.

        1. Conrads Crabs near Towson has fresh fish and shellfish as well as great crabs.


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            hon's suggestion is (as usual) the best you're going to get. If you try Nick's in Cross Street Market, they're the vendor at the far end -- not the long display further down. That one isn't as good.

            H Mart in catonsville has an excellent variety.

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              We live 5 minutes from H Mart so it's our go-to place for fish. It's not fabulous, but they're the best available on a work night! I agree with Hal - we always choose the whole fish and have them filet. That way you can see the eyes.

          2. I like the fish stand in Broadway Market (north building) for fish. They have a good selection of whole fish, which is how I prefer to buy fish (if I want filets, I like to have them fileted at the time of purchase). In the seafood department I've gotten good soft crabs, scallops, and shrimp there.

              1. Not actually in Baltimore, but in Columbia is Frank's seafood market http://franksseafood.com/ It's in a complex where they sell wholesale to resturants. All the seafood I've gotten there has been quite good - esp the crab cakes

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                  It's not in Columbia, it's in Jessup.

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                    Frank's is in Jessup and it is the best place to go for steamed crabs and most other types of seafood.

                2. We buy a lot of our seafood at Nick's in the Cross Street market as well, but a couple of months ago we had a very strange experience. I sent my husband inside to buy some mussels while I waited outside with the dog and he came back empty handed and annoyed. He said that they wouldn't sell him mussels without steaming them. (We had wanted them on ice so we could steam them open ourselves.)

                  I've bought mussels (and lots of other seafood) unsteamed from Nick's many times. This was on a weekend afternoon and my husband said that the Nicks guy mumbled something about that as he was shoveling them into the steamer. My husband said we didn't want any steamed mussels, asked if we could get them unsteamed and was apparently told no. He left empty-handed.

                  Could any one shed some light on this? We've had excellent seafood and service from Nick's in the past.

                  1. Faidley's, Nick's and Franks are all excellet -- can't go wrong with any of them. Have heard good things about the Broadaway market place, but no personal experience. Frank's is where many of the local restaurants purchase their seafood inventory.

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                      One thing to watch out for at Broadway Market, though...they're no longer a reliable source for crab meat. The last time I bought crab meat there I got home and found out that it was the Venezuelan crab meat, that while not as bad as the Asian crab meat, is still inferior to North Atlantic blue crab meat. I'd still buy crab meat from there, but only after checking its provenance first.

                      Somewhat surprisingly, I've found lately that the Canton Safeway usually has Chesapeake Bay crabmeat (although often from the Virginia end of the bay). The jumbo lump runs out fast, though, and often they only have blended backfin.

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                        I used to work near Frank's in Jessup and always fresh seafood. Was In Cross Street market a few days ago and was impressed with the selection

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                          There are blue crabs in the North Atlantic? I always thought that blue crabs prospered in warmer climes?