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Aug 5, 2008 09:39 AM

dinner rec's in DC

Hi all,
NY foodie come to DC for the first time. I need some rec's.

-dinner for Saturday night. with a nice atmophere, relaxed, great food, Italian, Greek or American cuisine pref'd for 6 of us. I am meeting my gf's family for the first time so somewhere where we can talk and hear each other and has good service, nice atmosphere and good food? All around good restaurant.

any other MUST rec's are welcome as well.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Do you have a price range?

    First place to come to mind is Corduroy but it really depends on your price range since this can get a little pricey with a group of 6.

    1. Greek/Mediterranean - Komi
      Italian - Obelisk

      Komi is raved about on this board. I have never been but am going on Thursday for the first time.

      Obelisk is my favorite Italian in the city. The restaurant is VERY small. Seats only about 30 people. It is quiet and the service is good. The food is excellent. Obelisk was my first thought after reading your post.

      Some specifics about what you had in mind for price range would be helpful, as would any locations you are considering. Coming up with "American" cuisine restaurants is easy because there are so many, so having some specifics will be helpful in narrowing down the choices.

      1. Ital - Obelisk, Tosca
        Greek - Komi
        American - Vidalia, Corduroy, Butterfield 9

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          Butterfield 9 sadly closed a few months would have been perfect for this occasion.

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            Tosca is really lovely and great for conversation. The service is smooth and professional. It's not cheap, but you will have a great evening.

            1. re: WestIndianArchie

              Thank you all for the rec's. will check them out