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nice but cheap happy hour

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so i'm at work and i'm getting that feeling... that feeling like i might need a happy hour after work. i was wondering if anyone can tell me about a nice happy hour below ...say.... 20th street. i'm looking for cheap drinks, possible cheap food, but those can be sacrificed if the atmosphere is outstanding. outside/porch area would be ideal. shoot!

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  1. No outside and it's kinda dark inside but at Verlaine on Lower East side. until 10pm (which is pretty darn long) they have happy hour drinks: house red, house white, sangria, bloody mary and i think 2-3 varieties of martinis for $5. That's pretty cheap in my opinion -- and they have nibbles. The place is sleek looking and modern

    1. Neighborhood: Manhattan/Greenwich Village
      86 University Place
      (between 11th St & 12th St)
      (212) 255-9378

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        Nearby to this is Reservior (70 University Pl) - CHEAP beers ($2 during HH) and 2 beers always availible for $3.50

        Awesome wings and munchies - Just about everything on the menu is under $10.

        Total dive - so expect little atmosphere - but get your drink and snack on for under $20

      2. La Palapa isn't bad and they have good bar snacks. Gets crowded, though...

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          La Palapa is my favorite happy hour. Lure is a close second.