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Aug 5, 2008 09:21 AM

Pesce Blue

Dined at Pesce Blue in Portsmouth, NH recently and had an enjoyable meal. The service was excellent. We dined off the appetizer menu.

The service was probably the best we have had in the Portsmouth/ Dover/ Epping/Exeter/ Kittery – (Seacoast region). All of the apps were served in courses and all of the plates and used silver was changed out every course.

I thought the wine list was pricey as some of the selections were marked 3x the retail price. Their website notes they have a deal on Tuesdays where all wines are 50% off, but I saw no mention of this on the menu or in the restaurant. The wine selections were somewhat basic and limited.

The food was good, overall, but you had better love olive oil as they use it extensively. I thought some of the dishes were excellent and some just ok, nothing remarkable.

The desserts are to die for.

Overall, I liked the place though the prices for mains (especially the pasta dishes) seemed a bit high. I got the impression that everyone really cared about what they were doing and that rates high in my book.

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  1. Wine at 3X retail is fairly common. They do the half off on Tues. to capture some mid-week business.