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Aug 5, 2008 09:11 AM

Absinthe lately?

Howdy folks,

I'm going to a wedding reception tomorrow evening for some dear friends and was wondering what I can expect. Most of the board comments are at least a year old and I was wondering if any of you have been there in the last couple of months? Also, any tips on where to snag a decent parking spot would be greatly appreciated as I live in the East Bay and rarely drive into the City. Thanks!

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  1. Are you in the private dining room or the restaurant? I have been going to the restaurant since originally opened and while it has gone through a handful of changes, I have almost always enjoyed the restaurant and ambiance. I have recently participated in two events in the private dining room in the last year and both have been done very well, good food, good food service, and solid bar performance. I generally take a cab but have always found parking to be accessible if you circle the block once or twice. Otherwise, there is a valet on Hayes right at Gough.

    1. We've been there several times in the last year or so. Food has always been wonderful - and if it hasn't, remedied very quickly. They don't have an gigantic menu so for some people, I think it may be hard to find something they would like to eat. In regards to parking, I've never had a problem finding a spot within a block. I think one night we went, there was something going on at the Theater so we utilized the Absinthe valet service.