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Aug 5, 2008 09:02 AM

Chinese BBQ duck in Scarborough?

It's been awhile since I've had some decent BBQ duck. Any recommendations for a lunch place in the Scarborough area?



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  1. Head to Ruby Restaurant in Woodside square. Their lunch noodle soup with bbq duck is amazing. And at only $4, you can't really beat it. Their duck is the way I like it; dry, crispy and not much fat. The soup base is what really makes the meal though - light broth with very little salt. It's located at Finch and McCowan. I go there whenever I get the chance.

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    1. re: BokChoi

      I've been to Ruby but didn't know they served this. I'm assuming you order this from the back where they serve the vegetables and congee?

      1. re: Ron M

        yes, they do offer it at the entrance where the congee is - but you can also order it from the waiter/menu they have on the table. The price is not as good on the English menu as it is on the Chinese menu though LOL! Be fore-warned (not sure if you can read Chinese, if you can, then that comment is irrelevant)! At the front of the resto they sometimes have them plated to go, so you can point to it if you see it.

        Dynasty is also pretty good, as baby_tran points out. I prefer Ruby's though, just because I'm a soup person...
        you can order it with just plain rice as well.

        1. re: BokChoi

          Finally got around to taking a photo. I go there so often that I barely ever bring my camera.

          BBQ Duck + noodle soup:

          Cheers and Happy Eating!

          1. re: BokChoi

            wow, thats a lot of duck! how much for that??

            1. re: jennjen18

              It's only around $5 (even cheaper on weekdays - I think $3.75). Been eating this for the past 5 years. It's about all I eat during lunch. I actually prefer the Roast Chicken, but they only carry that during weekdays - and I work downtown so cannot get back for that one.
              Here's a photo of the soya chicken (my alternative):

              1. re: Fat Swine

                The special is only available on weekdays. The $5 is weekends and applies to both the Chinese and English menus.

                I do find it odd that most Chinese restaurants only post specials in Chinese. I am sure they must be able to secure someone to translate the menus (even if they are not part of the permanent menus) at minimal costs. Most employees I know speak the language perfectly well.

                1. re: BokChoi

                  You're picture looks like it was dine in. Did you say you have it to go?

                  I hesitate to go there for dim sum, it's not that great, but I remember you said it was only good for dinner.

                  1. re: red dragon

                    When I go for lunch, I only have either the (duck or chicken)noodle soup (which is only dine in unfortunately) or the congee with fish. I would not touch the dim sum there. One bowl is enough for a meal. Comes to about $5.

                    1. re: BokChoi

                      Oh, so no take-out :(

                      Do you know if i were to dine in, would the price be the same for rice instead of noodles? (I'm more of a rice person)

                      1. re: red dragon

                        They have whole or half ducks/chickens for takeout only. For single servings, you would have to order in. Rice is on the English menu and is around the same $4-5 price point. It's on the lunch specials on the table when you get there for dim sum.

      2. The BBQ take-out window at Dynasty is really good (Brimley & Huntingwood).

        Also, a place at Glen Watford and Sheppard (in the plaza on the right hand side)...something with a Filipino name.

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        1. re: baby_tran

          Approx. ten of us will be going to Dragon Dynasty this Thursday for lunch. Will reservations be necessary?

          1. re: Ron M

            I would venture to say yes (just to be safe) due to the large group. Though I've only dined on weekends, the place is always packed. During new years, I had to wait almost 2 hrs for a table! (for 3!!)

          2. re: baby_tran

            Yes, the BBQ at that plaza with the Filipino name is good too, if you get there when it's fresh and hasn't been sitting too long. My in-laws buy their ducky/chicken (as I call it) from there, so I tried it too. Sorry, the name fails me. If I drive by, I'll take a look and post the name here.

          3. Another option is Peaktop:
            Honestly, I am NOT a fan of their BBQ. I find it very fatty and the chicken is quite tasteless IMO. But to each their own - there are many popular reviews on it. Caution - they use the microwave to reheat their BBQ before serving. A big No-No in my books. There should be no microwave near a BBQ station - OK, no microwave at a restaurant PERIOD.

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            1. re: BokChoi

              Thanks for the suggestion, but we personally don't like Peaktop. Microwave? That's a no no!!

              Incidentally, had lunch at Tikka Tikka today (see review) and I swear I could have heard a microwave go off!!

              1. re: red dragon

                I have been having quite the discussion on this with skylineR33. I really do not fancy PeakTop either, but to each their own. They have a number of reviews posted on their windows indicating their accolades. I have also heard many votes in their favour on this board.

                Microwaves should be banned from restaurants. I can reheat food myself, thank you very much. Don't need to pay an exhorbitant amount for reheated goods. Sorry everyone, microwaves are just one of those pet-peeves for me. I get upset when I see one being used in a restaurant (unless they use it somehow as a tool that accomplishes something another instrument cannot - but I doubt this when it comes to Chinese BBQ reheating).