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Aug 5, 2008 08:50 AM

Beacon Hill tomorrow night?

Hi there - my husband and I are having dinner with a few friends Wednesday night and we were thinking of Beacon Hill to walk around before/after dinner but aren't super familiar with a lot of the options...we know Paramount breakfasts or Fig's pizza but it sort of ends there...

Any ideas? We like all cuisines, would like to stay under $30 per person if possible (w/o wine) and want somewhere we can talk but has an atmosphere...any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. I went a month or so ago to Toscano and I thought it was lovely. Good food, more casual ambience than it used to have and pretty reasonable prices.

    1. Grotto has a lot of fans here, including me. Also, there was a recent thread on the new and improved (?) Tosacano. I think the reviews were mainly positive, but you can do a search.

      1. Toscanos would be a good choice, nice atmosphere, good food and an easy place for conversation. I tried it recently and greatly enjoyed the cheese selection with truffle honey. I do, however, lean more towards 75 Chestnut. It really does have a great neighborhood feel and the food, especially the mussels, is terrific. While I haven't eaten at the Beacon Hill Bistro, I thought the atmosphere was a little cold, I do enjoy their intimate little bar and the food looks good. Maybe someone else can elaborate.

        1. 75 Chestnut is a great atmosphere and pretty tasty food. Its ranking as one of my favorites in the area

          1. Lala Rokh is another possibility, just off Charles and up Mt. Vernon St 1/2 block on the left. I esp love the spinach app with yogurt and chopped walnuts, green beans with lime dressing and jalapenos, and beef-stuffed zucchini.

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              I agree with Niblet. Lala Rokh is what you seek.