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Aug 5, 2008 08:43 AM

Ippudo - Japanese Ramen

I was walking along in Gotanda, a neighborhood in Tokyo near Shinagawa last march or april, trying to look for a great ramen restaurant someone suggested to me. I ended up eating at a local place that was excellent, but actually ate at the wrong place I was supposed to go to. I checked out to see the "right" place and saw on the front that they were opening a new location in New York City. Hmm, I thought to myself, I guess I'll have to try it in New York.

And I did last week, and I had to go back the next. I've heard about Ippudo and their famous, well balanced broth (the star of the show), berkshire pork and ramen craftsmanship, and I'm happy to say that it was a breath of fresh--ramen soup--air. They have three choices for ramen, and on my first trip I asked the waitress what the most popular one was, and she pointed to the Akumaru Modern. Good call, it's extremely satisfying for a ramen crave and I just.. can't.. get... over that BROTH! Mmm.

Located just north of astor place, it becomes a lounge/bar that is filled with many japanese living in new york. Ramen bowls are 13 dollars, 16 dollars for a small salad to be included.

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  1. Ippudo's actually not local to Tokyo. It's a chain from Fukuoka. Here's some coverage on EV location below:

    1. heh, I did exactly the same thing! did the guys in the first place have wellies (rubber boots) on and shout lots? I managed to get to Ippudo too and it was a very similar taste, tho I must admit I slightly liked the other place.

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        Hrmmm maybe. I remember there were a couple of ramen shops right next to each other in Gotanda. Not sure, but I remember they didn't have rubber boots. ah well.

        My final night in Tokyo, however, my friends native to tokyo took me to the most ridiculous hot miso ramen restaurant ever, hidden from mainstreets in Ebisu. Easily the best ramen I've ever had.

        Damn I certainly miss somethings about Tokyo's restaurant scene.