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Aug 5, 2008 08:40 AM

Family friendly near Lincoln Park Zoo?

We are planning on having a very early dinner (5 p.m) on THursday after the zoo. Anyway that is very accomodating for 2 toddlers? We were thinking RJ Grunts. We would like to be within walking distance.

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  1. RJ Grunts is close by and I would call it kid friendly -

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    1. re: weinstein5

      There is a Cosi at the corner of Clark and Webster.

    2. I also think there is a deli (not Kosher) Max's on the corner of Webster & Clark

      1. Try Stanley's Kitchen and Tap on the corner of Lincoln and Armitage. A short walk from the zoo, kid friendly, and good food (note: the front area is a bar, but the back room containing the restaurant is homey and kid friendly). We often go there with our two little ones after trips to the zoo.

        1. I agree that Stanley's and RJ Grunts are probably your two most convenient choices. You'll see the strollers lined up outside RJ Grunts.

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          1. re: Chicagofoodguy

            There's Francine's Deli on N. Clarke and depending the time you're going, there is the Pancake House, right by the zoo...I think it is open until 3PM