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Aug 5, 2008 08:40 AM

Please help - out of towner this weekend

Hi Everyone,

Due to the short time frame I don't have too much time to really go through a large amount of the theads here.

Coming in from Toronto this Friday for the weekend (just decided today) and am looking for the best experience I can where I may still find a table on Friday or Saturday evening. Would like to keep dinner for 2 under $200 including tip and will be celebrating a special occasion so something a little romantic would be nice. Would much prefer someplace where no jacket is required as I'm hoping to travel light.

Any suggestions?

Also a great on the go lunch recomendation in Manhatten would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance to any and all assistance

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  1. You should check on to see what is available for this weekend. They have links to websites and price information.

    1. Neighborhood and cuisine preferences would be good to know and give you better results.

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      1. Sorry, realized I should have been more clear.

        Anywhere in Manhatten is fine but we are staying closer to the Financial District. Welcome to all food types but would like an experience difficult to find outside of NYC.

        Under $200 for 2
        Casual yet Romantic Atmosphere
        Unique NYC experience
        Available on short notice

        I have been looking on opentable but when you are not familiar with most of the restaurants on there it is very timely to navigate and I fear that it will take a few days going that route which will further reduce the amount of availability.

        I'm usually not the "do everything for me guy" just pressed for time.

        Thanks again for any help.

        1. re: TheWheel

          Not all restaurants are linked with opentable. So you should try calling some of them yourself to see if you can get reservations. Some possibilities downtown (none are in the FiDi area, and you probably won't find anything there anyway that suits your needs):

          Allen and Delancy
          Perilla (if you're a Top Chef fan)

          My vote is for Degustation.

          1. re: TheWheel

            Annisa in the West Village. A wonderful and romantic restaurant with creative cuisine.

        2. Knickerbocker's. It is a steak house. I found it romantic and I did not have to dress up! My husband and I loved the T-bone. The bonus: not too expensive! ~$150 for both of us, including wine.