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Aug 5, 2008 08:22 AM

Kosher Food- White Mountains, NH

Does anyone know of any kosher restaurants in the White Mountains, NH area? Thank you.

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  1. There's a supermarket in Lincoln with a lot of kosher products, but I don't think it has meat and cheese. The Arlington Hotel in Bethlehem is a hotel that caters to the Chasidic summer crowd with Shabbos takeout, possibly midweek food. They are listed on

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      Arlington Hotel is the only option. As I recall, even midweek dinners looked like shabbos meals, eg flanken, chicken soup, etc.

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        20-25 years ago we went to a motel in Bethelem NH that was owned by non-jews but had a shul, eruv and frozen O-U meals for purchase. the motel rooms had kitchenettes and picnic benches in front of the rooms. people who weren't staying at the motel who wanted to daven in the shul were required to pay for the shul use before Shabbos (Mishnah brura say it's permissible for a non-Jew to charge for use of the shul he owns). I remember the owner actually walking into the shul Shabbos morning and kicking out a couple of people who hadn't prepaid) . Rabbi henoch Lebowitz ztl was even there that Shabbos and spoke in the Shul in the afternoon.

        Unfortunatlely I don't think the place is around anymore. we really had a wonderful Sahhbos

    2. There is KimberLee's Deli in Lincoln, NH. They carry seasonally (late June through Labor day) a variety of Kosher products. Don't be misled by their menu posted on windows. They are not Kosher establishment but you can find there Cholov Yisroel dairy products (milk, yogurt, cream cheese, etc.), Kosher bread (including Challah), packaged Meal Mart meats. We also found there cakes, cookies, candy, chips. As far as ready to go food they offer sandwiches (Star-K hashgacha). The owners are very friendly.

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        The Kimberlee's Deli now has different name - 3 Cultures Deli. Now they also have an Cholove Yisroel ice cream. The address is still the same - 264 Main street, Depot Plaza

      2. I'm not exactly sure where White Mountain is- but I've been to Hampton a few times. Market Basket supermarket has the best selection of kosher groceries. Many of the store products are certified kosher by the OU. The store brand breads have a certification also. (I think Vaad of new england/boston) Sometimes,they have kosher packaged cheese.

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          Hampton NH is about 135 miles (2 and 1/2 hours) from Bethlehem NH (white Mountains) it's not exactly the most conveinent place to shop for someone coming from the NYC area