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Aug 5, 2008 08:15 AM

The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World - doc film

I just watched the Part 1 of 4 installments last night on Sundance Channel. This film, produced by BBC, obviously is timed to air as part of the Beijing Olympic fever.

The Part 1 just shows a glimpse of its foundation - the mix of old-school philosophy and taking advantage of new economic trend. - that carries this massive day-to-day operation. Also shown is a quite graphic scenes from 'cooking competition' amongst its chefs: Something you probably won't see on regular TV (especially on Food TV Network!) of which I'm positive that PETA won't approve.

I'm not sure how the entire film will turn out to be, but am willing to watch them all. The 30 minutes segment is broadcasted on Monday night at 9pm, and repeated on Thursday evening at 7pm (please check the Suncance Channel scheduling).

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