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Aug 5, 2008 07:28 AM

Ivy Tavern in PVD

This used to be one of my favorite spots to hang out and watch a game, but not after last night. DC and I went and grabbed a quick dinner at the bar. We were surprised to get seats at all, as the bar is small and always jammed.

We enjoyed our modest dinner (two veggie burgers and a couple drinks), but I couldn't believe it when I got the bill. The veggie burgers were $9.50 each. I'm not a cheap person by nature, and the v. burgers were delicious, but $9.50? Come on. This is supposed to be a low-key, neighborhood spot. I know the economy's in the toilet, but I was shocked at how much their prices had gone up (don't even get me started on the half-full $9 gimlet...).

Has anyone else noticed their prices have shot up recently?

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  1. I think their garden burger was always $8.50, so they must have up a buck since you last ate there. They were always on the pricey side IMO. I only went for the draft beer when they first opened, but the place was never a bargain and the food, well I'd rather spend my money at Blaze on Hope or Aspara across the street. Plus, as I recall, they never stayed open that late. You may want to mention the drink issue with the owner, 9 bucks is really pricey for a gimlet.

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      The owner is a little on the tight pocketed side, he'd probably take 10 for the gimlet if he thought we'd pay it. And in defense of the menu, the portions more that justify the price, it's just a bummer sometimes if you have no one to share with. The food is always fresh and delicious (though i can't say i get too reved up over a veggie burger) and Blaze is a weird place to hang out for any length of time, apsara doesn't even have a tv. It's always been an east side tradition to blindly follow and take what little you're offered (pizzico, india, 729 hope st) and pretend to love it, and i think the tavern fits in nicely. That's not to say i'm not pleased to be in a bigger neighborhood now with far more options.

      1. re: sarabean

        "...the portions more that justify the price".

        This was an average sized veggie burger. Granted, it had nice condiments, but if we're talking solely about size, it was average.

        1. re: invinotheresverde

          like i said, i never gauged the value on that one particular menu item. the 2 pound portion of mussells ($10), or the three pounds of pastrami on the "astro" sandwich (also $10 last time i was in) were more along the lines of what i was reffering to. every menu has it's red headed stepchild, perhaps the "accidental purist" is theirs?....

          1. re: sarabean

            While I agree that most of their portions are astronomical (spaghetti and meatballs must literally weigh four pounds), I was really let down by this one item. DH and I have been going there since they opened and were surprised that the size of the burger had gone down but the price had gone up.

            I love the red headed stepchild comment; I think you may be right.

    2. Their prices have always been a tad more than, say, Chelo's, but the quality is always that much better. For me the extra buck or two for a kick ass burger or fresh plate of mussels is worth it. Plus the bartender is excellent and they get a good mix of people. YMMV.

      1. I'll start with the caveat that I'm a fan of the Ivy, because I think their (beef) burger is one of the two best in town.

        I have to say that the $9.50 veggie burger is pricey but I don't think it's totally outrageous. A decent sandwich with counter service starts at about $6, so a table or bar service veggie burger with fries at $9.50 doesn't sound cheap, but not so insane either. Was it a premade burger or house made? I rarely buy a premade veggie burger when I'm out anyway, it just seems like a waste.

        A $9 Gimlet, on the other hand, is a bit crazy.