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Aug 5, 2008 07:25 AM

Weekend in the Berkshires

Heading to the Berkshires this weekend and looking for a great dinner place for Saturday night, as well as two great breakfast places. Will be based in Great Barrington, but more than willing to travel for good food. Figuring on Baba Louie's for lunch, and have heard good things about Chez Nous and John Andrews, and mixed (?) things about Xicohtencatl. Would appreciate comments on these and other choices.

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  1. I personally find Xicohtencatl to be over the top in price and style; am not impressed with their food as traditionally Mexican in terms of any of the regional cuisines with which I am familiar. I think your other choices are fine--haven't eaten at Chez Nous but keep reading great things about it here. You might want to do a Chowhound search on Rouge in West Stockbridge; it's my favorite restaurant, but as a local I would never go on a weekend summer night. It's small and they don't take reservations for parties under (4?,6?)

    1. Martin's for breakfast. No need to say anything else. It's THE place, always jammed, waiters so nice and patient, and food very good and plentiful. A fun place to be (and in Great Barrington, convenient for you). Weighing in after that, Cafe Reva in Pittsfield, and the Roadside Cafe (?) on the way to (or from) Monterey.

      1. John Andrews, Chez Nous and Martins are all brilliant suggestions. I'll toss in the Old Inn on the Green in nearby New Marlborough for a dinner suggestion. Excellent food and really wonderful atmosphere.

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          To clarify, -- it's the Old Inn on the Green in New Marlborough. The Old Mill is in Egremont, and I like it best of all, but it doesn't take resos for less than 5.

          1. re: BerkshireTsarina

            Old Inn, Old Mill, Old Brain. Thanks- I corrected it. And the Old Mill is special, too. Another good choice.

        2. Personally I'd skip John Andrews. My last three dinners there have left me feeling "off". Drive another 5 minutes down the road to the Suiss Hutte - .

          I'd second Rouge and the Old Inn on the Green.

          Route 7 Grill for lunch would be fun - I love the place and their use of excellent local foods. Or, just down the road, Limeys - under new owners who are also pretty committed to fresh, local food.

          Have fun!

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          1. re: timwhoeatsalot

            Limey's? I have not read anything from any CH reports regarding the "new" Limey's. How has it changed? I don't even think it is called Limey's any more, but I have heard nothing positive. Their menu does not appear on line- I'd enjoy hearing about the new Limey's.

            What did you eat at JA that was off? I am disappointed as I have always had a good meal there.

            1. re: mvi

              Limey's First :
              About a year ago new owners came in - Michael and Cindy Dutton - from CA, owned a place in Santa Barbara. They didn't do much with the menu except to start making everything in house. Old Limey's was pretty much an "open a can" operation. It's still pub food, mostly, but done well. They might very well have changed the name, I don't get to Sheffield much these days. I think I'll plan a trip and report back, probably should have done that first...

              JA : Duck twice and scallops. It's one of those places that I want to love, the menu is always a good read and I've always had good luck with their wine list - but three times in a row... makes it tough to try again. But I no doubt will. Heck, there's only so many places around here...

              1. re: timwhoeatsalot

                I've hesitated to post about JA, going against all the raves and unanimity. But we're with tim, we've been disappointed every time we've been, over a period of three years or so, most recently this spring. And we went with people whose favorite local place it is! We went for a Thursday night (?) Italian type prix fixe; food was old and tired tasting, pork chop tough, famous fried oysters not in their prime, service lackadaisical, the JA lovers even found the coffee undrinkable and sent it back for a fresh cup, not much improvement. Obviously there's much there to love, witness all these lovers! but it's just not our place. Not our karma. At this point, never again.
                Would welcome a first-hand account of the Bridge, formerly Limey's.

                1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                  And.. while I had a few lovely dishes there, the service was so indifferent & slow which in my book always detracts from the overall experience. When a dish is good there, it's very good - but I am surprised at all the raves as if it is THE place to go in Berkshires. It is a place to go, because it's usually decent, the food is fresh and good, but... perhaps the hype carries it beyond what it deserves? Maybe resting on past laurels when it was perhaps a real culinary destination???

                  1. re: Roxy9

                    I think your last line sort of nails it. When they opened it was The Place for innovative food, a modern country atmosphere, service, etc. Now...

                    1. re: timwhoeatsalot

                      Have to agree on JA. My wife and I had our anniversary dinner there this summer. It was mediocre. What I remember most clearly is that I ordered the highly-reviewed lobster cassoulet as an appetizer and it was very, very unimpressive. I've never thought it lived up to its reviews on CH, but it is a nice setting and nice close drive from Great Barrington.